Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by. My name is Emily and I am the creator of the Knotted Home blog. I am a small town girl presently living in a huge city and I am trying to seek out the beauty in it all. I want to find the joy in amongst all the chaos and I want this blog to reflect that. 

I am a mother of two beautiful girls, a wife to an awesome husband, a creative pursuer, a book worm, a wannabe writer, a dreamer, a coffee drinker, and so much more.   

The Knotted Home is my creative corner and, even though it is my happy place, I want it to be yours as well. I have always loved the idea of creating an online community and family, and I pray that this blog can be an outlet for everyone who wants to be a part of that. In the past I created the Maker Series which showcased many different artists and their amazing, creative fields. It was such a fun way to get to meet artists and learn more about how they grew their successful businesses and to see what they did for fun. The series was put on hold, and if I can't get it back up and running, it is my hope to find a new way to interact with fellow artists and readers, and to showcase my love for all things creative. This blog is definitely very heavily influenced by my personal family and our home life adventures, but I want to get out and discover more of the community and world around me. 
I like to hoard ridiculous amounts of yarn, drink tea by the bucket full, and listen to really good music. I enjoy being immersed in the mountains, spending time with my family and friends, trying new recipes, and finding my way in the blogging world. I am trying to learn Spanish and think spending a weekend reading books is simply the best. I have dreams of traveling to Switzerland, Iceland, Germany, and New Zealand, of writing a couple of books, and owning a pair of alpacas so that I can, one day, spin their wool into yarn. xo


  1. Hello Emily, I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. I look forward to more. Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, Katherine! I really appreciate hearing that! I just visited yours and the recipes you have on there look amazing! I am going to take an even closer look and bookmark some recipes! Thank you for saying hi!