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Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by. My name is Emily and I am the creator of the Knotted Home blog. I am a small town girl presently living in a huge city and I am trying to seek out the beauty in it all. I want to find the joy in amongst all the chaos and I want this blog to reflect that. 

Since becoming a mother, I feel as if I have lost my identity. Questions like: Who was I before Lovebug and Birdie (my daughters)? Who am I now? What do I even like to do? are ones that I ask myself on a daily basis, struggling to figure out where it is that I stand in this world. I have come to the realization that it is okay to not know how to answer those questions. I am evolving, always changing, a flower in the forever state of blooming. What I have also come to realize is that usually I will forgo my own happiness in amongst all of the kid craziness and life going-ons, that at the end of the day, of each day, I am left exhausted, empty, and sad.

That was the turning point for me. What kind of mom would I be if I choose the attitude of “I am JUST a mom.” I am so much more than "just" anything. And don't get me wrong, being a mom is wonderful and hard and messy and delightful. However, I need to remember that I am more. I am a mom, a wife, a woman, an artist, a reader, an encourager, a writer, and so much more. A forever blooming flower. There is so much more to me. 
So I have turned The Knotted Home around and have turned it into my happy thought and creative corner. I believe that we should all be happy, in whatever situation we are in. Life is too short to stay in a negative place, and it is my hope that this blog can be an outlet for readers. I believe that we should never let go of the gifts that we have, and that they should be expressed, even if they are not as perfect as we think they should be. I believe that one of my gifts is to be an encourager and uplifter, and even if we never meet in person, it is my hope that I can bring a smile to your face with this community I want to create here. 

Not only do I want this blog to be my happy place, but I would love for it to be a space to encourage and inspire others, to be your happy place. I have created a few features on my blog that echo community and happiness, and I cannot wait to create more. The Maker Series is such a feature and it allows us to work together and learn/teach about the many amazing creative outlets that bloom in our community. 

I would love for you to dive in with me, heart and paintbrush, and seek out what it is to live a happier life.
I like to hoard ridiculous amounts of yarn, drink coffee by the bucket full, and listen to really good music. I enjoy being immersed in the mountains, spending time with my family and friends, trying new recipes, and finding my way in the blogging world. I am learning how to speak Japanese (very slowly) and practicing my photography skills. I have dreams of traveling to Switzerland & Iceland and New Zealand, of writing a couple of books, and owning a pair of alpacas so that I can, one day, spin their wool into yarn.    
Feel free to take a look at my Contact Page to see where you can find me on Instagram and Facebook. I also have a FAQ page where I have listed a couple of the popular questions that I have received on this blogging journey. xoxo


  1. Hello Emily, I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. I look forward to more. Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, Katherine! I really appreciate hearing that! I just visited yours and the recipes you have on there look amazing! I am going to take an even closer look and bookmark some recipes! Thank you for saying hi!


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