Monday, November 07, 2022

Falling into Autumn : Documenting A Year by Its Seasons

I thought it would be very fun to document a year by its seasons. 

Last October, I was very inspired by all the colours that I saw in our old neighbourhood. We had this beautiful maple tree in our backyard that carried such large leaves, and when the weather grew colder, they transformed into the prettiest of reds. My family and I went on many walks and I was simply awed by the world. Right then and there, I decided to create another photograph challenge; one that would help me appreciate the beauty of the winter, slip by the messiness of spring, the heat of summer, and back into the clutches of my favourite season. Autumn. 

So many changes in one year, and as I type this now, I can even compare a little bit of this November with last November. The snow didn't come until later and here in 2022 we are already buried under it. I was able to witness more of the decay of the garden, of bare branches, or appreciate the slight coating of the first snowfall. In 2022, everything is white. Already so many changes.  

When the snow finally did come in 2021, I hibernated indoors; only coming out to reflect on ice and make footprints in the fresh powder. And to pick up kids from school. I fell in love with icicles and with my daughters garden discovery of a trapped leaf.

Spring surprised me and I begun searching out for the sound, the drip, drip, drip, of melting snow. I loved watching the blooms stretch out their curled fingers and of the new colour, suddenly everywhere. I was not expecting to fall in love with this colour palette, but I did. I've always liked Spring, I was born in Spring after all, but something about this one captured my heart. The fragrance of the trees wafted in the air for so long, the puddles were oceans, and the pitter-patter of the rain sung a song full of hope. I fell in love with Spring! 

Summer then came. Adventures started and ended so soon, the excitement of fall, of September, of school; it took over our thoughts and I started looking forward instead of staying present. The rest of holidays rushed by and our new schedules sucked us in. 

The change into fall started slowly, then loudly, and before I fully started appreciating it, winter came. And now here we are. I think my busyness distracted me from the outdoors. I walked less than last year and I kept my camera off, thinking I'd simply capture "it" later. Rushing. I think I accidentally stumbled into the habit of rushing - hurrying off into the "next" without much thought of looking around me. That's the reason why I did not take very many photos this fall. I was too distracted. 

What I've learned from this project : 
- Taking photos of nature, and seeing them afterwards, really makes me happy. When I was putting everything together for this blog post, I was reminded of so many wonderful outdoor adventures we had over these twelve months.  
- I like seeing things that may have gone unnoticed. I really like staring at leaves caught in ice with my girls. 
- Spring and Fall are both favourites of mine. 

Moving forward: 
- I want to take more time to slow down and stop, to capture the small moments of every day. Not write them off. Too much rushing happened at the end of this project. 
- I want to find more reasons why Winter and Summer are just as awesome as Fall and Spring.

It was so much fun seeing the world in such ranging shades of colour, from many different vantage points as the year turned. I've gathered all the photos here and I hope you enjoy taking a seasonal look into my year.

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