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A Look At 2021 // July - December

Here is the second half to our 2021 year. The first half was full of art and homeschooling projects and this post seems to be full of books and blocks. I hope you enjoy viewing, and just in case you missed the first half of the year, this is the link to it. :) 


We finally were able to spend a couple of weeks at Mimi and Opa's. He built them a little playhouse and they had many tea parties out there. They also started collecting the dried up flowers from around the garden, placing them in various locations in their little home. By weeks end, every crack seemed to have colour.
Beautiful flowers from a lovely lady who lives in their community. Her website is here and my artist friend created a little video about her lovely arting. If you live near Strathmore, I highly recommend ordering some flowers. 
My youngest worked hard on her portraits and they are so cute! We added colour to the grandparent's sidewalk. 
Cutting up strawberries for some homemade ice-cream. I didn't take a photo of the finished product, but oh my goodness, it was the best ice-cream I've ever tasted. Also, Bug made a friend. 
Pretty views in a valley that calls to me often.
Moving out. So strange to see this room without its 'normal' personality. We found a pretty maple tree in the backyard of the new place.
The last photo in the old. What a beloved space this was. Thank you, house!


New place means new corners to fill. Loving this space in the girl's room. Sushi night. One of the joys of moving this time around was all the take-out we consumed. 
Cities and roads and walls, oh my! 
Worked on some art with our dear friend, Randall. Loved this video and we hope he puts up more soon!
A castle added.
More creations and rock painting. Bug's task was to create some fake strawberries in hopes of deterring the birds away from the real. It worked too! 
Our first visit to a little library in our neighbourhood and we found some treasures. Shadow love. 
Play-doh fun and then they climbed.
The leaves are turning, the leaves are turning - a mix of awe and horror! Lovely flowers.
They were giddy as they touched the cold mountain water. 
Another wonderful trip to the mountains. I just love capturing those three holding hands!
Hello, friend! I'll never tire of mountain views!
Forever looking for bugs. Forever playing in dirt. Forever reading.
Nachos to make me happy and the shadow of our house guardian.
Burgers with friends and a mix of real and fake strawberries. Can you tell the difference? ;) 


I watched The Murder on the Orient Express a while ago and completely forgot how it ended. I read this so that I could watch it again. Then I plan to read Death on the Nile before watching the new movie. A lovely little bike ride.
Takoyaki has become a comfort food to us. Loved seeing all the different types of nature in the neighbourhood.
A neighbour lady gave us flowers!! Forever grateful! And a little dino on her swing.
Back to piano lessons. I borrowed some books and I loved them all! Animal farm - 5 stars. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle - 4 stars. The Historian - 4.5 stars! (Thinking of adding The Historian to my collection, I would read it again in a heartbeat) 
Early morning skies and I attempted to make some granola bars. They were yummy!
 Morning moments and found some maple leaves. 
I had been reading Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. (final rating 4 stars)
Notes and treasures found. Colour upon colour, pattern upon pattern.
An outing with my youngest (she was completely fine with that fact that her shoes were on the wrong feet)
The strawberries are still growing and a family outing at MacTaggert Sanctuary
A yummy lemon pound cake and a lovely horse made out of blocks.


I am still in love with the colours this tree carried, I even wrote a blog post about it. How spooky! 
This moment made me laugh. I was trying hard to capture the leaves falling off the tree and one landed on my face. So happy! More gorgeous autumnal colours.
My reads & her reads. I gave Evelyn 4 stars. Fun fact, its also called The Seven and a Half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle - it was released the same year that The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (haven't read it yet) and so the US changed the title and added the 1/2. Sadly, the library wanted Percy Jackson back before Bug was able to finish it. (As of today (Feb 9), we have it in our possession once again and are very excited to read it together as a family! This is our first book by Riordan!) 
A yummy Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake. My husband surprised me with an apple danish! yum!
A vase full of leaves would be just as pretty as one full of flowers. Forever climbing fences.
Working on some fun yarn projects. A bunny I named Anne and a garland of ghosts
Can't stop taking pictures of that purple sky. I was taking photos for my Anne post and Monkey wanted the exact same photos taken of her buddy Scrat. So cute!
Then she took my phone and I found pictures of so many things on my camera roll. This one was my favourite. This photo, of her in her lion costume, is also a favourite. This photo is also one of the last that I took during a photo challenge I held for myself. 


I was unable to finish this book by Nigel Slater before the library wanted it back, but I read a third of it and fell in love. Such a wonderful read for anyone who needs to learn to love the winter season. Started a new blanket project for my MIL. 
Fire upon fireplaces and crocheted poppies for my wreath. 
This yarn is super squishy. Bug and I had a little art date together. Gesture drawings! If you want to see more of our sketched work over the last year, feel free to click here.
Started a new book at my parent's and this is their guardian. 
The snow is upon us and everything looks so different. Trying to find the beauty in all of winter. 
Things covered in snow are pretty.
Fun book mail! (I am currently reading Begin Again) Some pretty art. Bug learned how to draw those eyes in school. 
Pretty light reflections.


There's always some kind of mischief to be found in the a.m.
My current (at the time) reads. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore was 3 stars and The Skystone was 5 stars. I received these Santa's last Christmas and was so happy to put them out. 
Hi! The blanket grew!
More book mail! I am so happy! Thanks, Grandma Beth! The violets have bloomed again!
Our Christmas tree and a pretty fire.
Crafting and eating sugar while running errands. Holiday gifts.
And then somebody turned eight and all she wanted was a Harry Potter themed day.
It was magical!
Treats and pictures for Santa. He wrote back to them too. :) 

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