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A Look At 2021 // January - June

Another year has passed. Can you believe it? I am finding that the hours are long, but the days are short, and suddenly, weeks turn into months and it WAS January a few days ago, but now it's February and my mind is still trying to play catch-up. It's all a wonderful, playful, emotional mess of days and my living room has barbies and paper cranes thrown about it, pillows are off the couch, lunch plates left on the table, and breadcrumbs are everywhere. I forgot to check for jam hands! (found jam on cheeks). 

Even though some days are busy and messy and scattered-feeling, I know that in a week or two (most likely a year) I will look back at photos, at messes, at jam cheeks, and just see the beauty that was there. I love my blog for this reason, I feel like its the lesson that it has taught me the most. Messes are never forever, but memories are made in them, and the photos I capture, of the moments that seem so small or insignificant, they are actually treasures and I will admire them always.

In 2020, I managed to rope together an entire years worth of treasured memories and string them together into two blog posts (found here & here) that always leave me grinning after I view them. And I found myself pleasantly surprised after viewing the photos I took in 2021. Oh, what amazing adventures we had! Another thing, I tend to do, is sell myself short - we don't do enough, we aren't living enough. But looking back at these photos, I see all the craft projects and bakes we tried, the trips we had, the messes made. I can hear the conversation and discussion bits that were created because of the things we did and I can mourn with the things we lost. 2021 was a good year, even when my brain tries to convince me that it was hard. It was hard, but beautiful and gloriously messy and filled with such stunning colour. I will rejoice and settle into this, and know that on days that appear gloomy and distant, I am only seeing things through my dirty lenses. Life is good. We do enough. We are enough. Simply by being who we are and loving those around us. 

I hope you enjoy looking into our 2021. For all these moments and memories created, I am blessed. 


I love how the year started off with art. Monkey received a new watercolour book for Christmas and Bug was working on her art portfolio using a dot inspired by Peter. H. Reynold's book. 
A little Yoda on our clear deck! I can't believe there was no snow on the deck in January! Bug playing songs on her new piano. 
 Monkey was missing the hammocks at Mimi and Opa's so we made her a pretend one and she spent the afternoon looking through books. A fancy root beer after I hit a writing milestone. 
More beautiful artwork. I really enjoyed all of the homeschooling art projects that she worked on this year. Everything was so bright and colourful, and I absolutely love being able to watch her work. 
Monkey's art is on the left and Bug's on the right. 
A couple of photos of the girls blankets before they were finished. Already getting so much love. Monkey's blanket is here and Bug's blanket is here, just in case you want to see more of these pieces. 


We *had* to make an ice-cream float for science, and we enjoyed every minute of it! And I spotted an interesting shadow in the kitchen. 
Bug treated herself to a canvas and paint set with some of the Christmas money she was blessed with. Another beautiful piece that was made for school. I cannot wait to hang up her pieces in our new home.
More shadows that took my breath away.
I'm so happy when the weather changes and I can crochet outdoors! There is nothing more pleasant than grabbing my project and smelling the fresh air while soaking in all the sunshine I can. A new work in progress for school. Monkey's on the left, Bug's on the right.


When these violets bloom, I relax. I honestly don't know why, but that purple just calms me. Still working on Monkey's blanket. :) 
Melted snow and finding grass, a beautiful, spring filled day.
Time to add colour.
This project was messy, but worth it!
Shadows of last seasons beauty. 
Another fantastic science project. Learned about absorption. 
When social studies and art mix. Bug decided to make an Inukshuk out of soap. 
The was the start of bike riding season. 
Rainbows upon rainbows and a finished project. 
Spring flowers and colour sorting - this is obviously how one plays with cars, yes? 
Working on some fun colouring books that were sent to us by mail. We love fun mail! 


I love the sky! 
This art project looks like she is copying the tulips, however, she is working on a waterlily piece. A shadow in motion captured! 
More colour sorting. You'd think they were bored, but this is a passion!
A wonderful snow surprise and Pokemon card sorting. 
A huge library haul that has us all excited. I hurt my wrist this year. It has taken a long time to heal and, even now, twinges if I do something silly. 
A beautiful nature walk with a wonderful friend. 
I just love how her legs curl around the piano bench. Another piece of art. This one made her laugh, she had to colour her flower, then crumble up the paper so many times. It felt like something we shouldn't do and the laughter was fantastic. 
A quiet morning with colouring and tea captured. This photo was taken on my X-ray day - just making sure nothing was broken, it wasn't, but I felt very grown up. My first x-ray ever! 
A boat for science! 
All I wanted for my birthday was to take my family out for a hike, and we did, and it was beautiful. Fun block play. 


Flowers from my brother and early morning, pink clouds make me happy! 
Reading a book outside is another favourite thing of mine. A fun duck drawing from both girls. Monkey's on the left, Bug's on the right.
This book had such gorgeous illustrations! Highly recommend! Another dotted sky. 
Found some geese on a bike ride and another boat for science. 
Morning colouring and her final project. 


June is the month for mud play and bug spotting. We found a lovely bug app that helps identify any we didn't know and my phone is suddenly full of different insects. 
This week will always be a favourite of mine. We decided it was a week of fort building, and every day we created a new house out of blankets and chairs.  
The biggest fort to come out of their brains. I've been putting on soundtracks (Skyrim or Zero Horizon Dawn) and they have been getting lost in their own little worlds. Their favourite game was to pretend that they were survivors in the jungle and the dinosaurs were not friendly. This means it's almost time to watch Jurassic Park with them, right? 
A little trip to the farm and Bug's making progress on a colourful blanket for her bed. 
Setting up the tent and beautiful forest skies! 
A weekend in the mountains and I remember feeling so refreshed. 
Building fairy houses with friends and pretty views from the side of the road. 
Artwork with stones and sticks, and a little ladybug friend came to visit. 

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