Monday, November 08, 2021

Weekend Snippets

Last weekend turned extra long unexpectedly. We kept our oldest home from school due to a little fall cold, and a four day weekend of togetherness was suddenly on our hands. How lovely! Moods were amazing and she was missing school, but we spent these days as best as we could. Slow moments, little projects, lots of resting. I thought it would be fun to document some of the things that we did within those four days. xo 
Starting a new, cosy crochet project and enjoying our 'fire' in the early morning.
I was thinking a lot about Remembrance Day and wanted to make some poppies for my outside wreath. I assumed they took a lot of work to make so I placed it in the "do next year" category. Upon a little bit of research, however, I found that the pattern was super easy and I quickly made four of them with some yarn I had on hand. Always research, Em, never assume! I also discovered a wonderful playlist on Apple. It is lovely!
My daughters made me a couple of friends! Caspar the bunny and Frank the robot. :) Reading the third book in the Wings of Fire series. She's really enjoying it.
A sticker found on the stones and a little road trip to pick up some things. 
Poppy photography and a frog in the making. I love how she used tape to make the frog's webbed feet. 
Some art and outdoor play. 
Discovering the joy of gesture drawings and piano homework time. 
They are not quite ready to let Halloween go, but I am! 
Watching daddy play Zelda and enjoying a new toy she earned with her allowance. 
This yarn is seriously the softest! Her turn to sketch while I pose. 
Enjoying The Historian and Bug started working on a Christmas project. :) 

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