Friday, November 26, 2021

Adventures in Sketching

Pretty plant pots at my parents. Bug's vs Mine. Summer 2021.

I've been reaching for my sketch book lately. It has helped me to slow down, something I've truly needed this season. My mother kindly gifted me with a new book this past summer, and I have been filling the pages, though not as quickly as the girls have with theirs. I am trying to take the time to settle into a scene and see it for the lines and shapes that make it. Put some music on, maybe a candle, and just observe. I've definitely lost some of the natural skill I used to possess, the ease of being able to shade and move my pencil around effortlessly. The voice in my head, the one who mourns things that have been lost with time, tries to tell me that its hopeless, that I never should have dropped the hobby in the first place. I'm learning to ignore it and to just be content at where I am right now. There is no need to aim for anything other than joy, and that is what sketching has brought me these last few months. And the logical side of my brain reminds me that I worked hard for that 'natural skill' and if it's something I want to gain back, I will. It's just a matter of practice, time, and patience. 

My girls love to draw. Every day, they ask for more paper or their sketch books and create the best of pictures. Sometimes they draw from what they see, but usually its their own worlds they want to explore. I've gathered a pile of some of our favourites to share in this space, all with their permission, of course. There were also several sketches from last year that I wanted to include as well. They all seem so precious to me. 
The play house. Mine. Summer 2021.
Opa and a bunny. Monkey's. Fall 2021. Ducks! Three Year Old vs 7 Year Old. Spring 2021. 
Butterfly sketches after watching our friend Randall explain about wings. End of summer 2021. Bug's photo is on top and mine is next to a little tree sketch. Fall 2021. 
I craved some gesture drawings and then my oldest wanted to try. Hers is on the bottom. Fall 2021. 
A skeleton, cyclops, bunny family! Monkey's. Fall 2021. 
One tree from my parent's and finishing the other at my own house. Fall 2021. 

Drawings from last year (2020)
Lots of pears, a teapot, and my hand. January of 2020.

Bug loves anything artsy, and there will be more photos of her artwork in January when I post our yearly photos. :) 

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