Wednesday, November 10, 2021

A Crazy Rainbow Chevron Blanket : Project Complete

The final touches of this crazy, rainbow blanket was finished last week. Oh my goodness, we are in love with the result! It is colourful and crazy and everything my youngest wanted. Through-out this project she would grab the yarn balls and place them along the floor, ordering them in any way she pleased. I took lots of pictures so that I wouldn't forget, and that is exactly how her blanket was created. Colour by crazy colour. Later on, she had an incredible idea in regards to her fringe. Her ideas and colour pairing delighted me so much and I think this blanket looks amazing! 

I started this project in January. I was still working on Bug's rainbow fade, but wanted to work on something for Monkey as well. They both picked the same chevron pattern, and since the ordering of their colours were very different, I found that it was a joy to work on them at the same time. This pattern was used for both of their blankets and I used the exact same yarn from Michaels in both the Loops and Thread Impeccable & Red Heart Supersavers.  

I wove in the ends before I "allowed" myself to start the fringe, which made me eagerly pick up the blanket whenever I had a spare moment. Both of the colours at the ends of the blanket were different, which lead to two different colours of fringe. Monkey had the brilliant idea to switch sides and put the yellow fringe on the blue side, and the blue fringe on the yellow. It made me so happy! Of course, I can do that!
Rainbow projects are excellent during the winter season.
Sitting out on the old deck.
Rainbows upon rainbows.
After moving, we laid out all the colours and figured out exactly how much we needed to finish it.

Look at that fringe!
Both girls love having their blankets on their beds. I am so happy and they are so cosy. 

I am not sure what's next for these colours, I still have quite a bit of leftover yarn. A new blanket for donation perhaps? Time will tell. In the meantime, happy crafting. :) 

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