Monday, October 18, 2021

Collecting Shadows

Here is another collection of shadows, found in the unlikely of places, unescaping my notice, begging to be admired. I cannot help it! Another year of finding beauty in the negative space. These ones made me smile and I had to carve out another post, a safe place to keep this odd gathering. 

I had an overwhelmingly surge of hope when I took the last photo. Seeing my shadow so large, the idea of it operating out of sync of my own movements excited me so. That is probably super childish to admit, but the story of Peter Pan leaped to mind and having a shadow who has an itinerary all of its own, well, that would be thrilling wouldn't it? 

Last years photo collection can be found here, and with spooky season here, I am so hopeful that I will be finding more. For now, enjoy, dear reader. :) 

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