Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bits & Pieces // Our Fall Decorations

I wasn't going to decorate this year. This is the start of my favourite time of year, yet somehow, along the way, I seemed to have picked up a "just get through the year" attitude and it has been pouring out of me like Alice's tears. You don't realize how big of a mess you are making until you shrink in size and realized you just cried an ocean. Those kinds of tears and that kind of ocean. 

Thankfully, I have two very eager and excited girls who love this time of year. My oldest continued asking me if we were going to pull out our fall stuff. Her excitement reached out and grabbed my miserable heart, hugging it softly, filling it full of joy. I pulled out the bin and that's where my youngest starting pulling things out, hugging each stuffed animal and making 'cookies' out of the old pinecones and acorns. How could I have ever let my senses dull and my excitement fade with those two around? 

We've been on a mission to decorate ever since. I don't have a lot in terms of Halloween decorations, but autumn leaves and pinecones, I have an abundance. Our backyard has a maple tree who has been generous with her contribution to our fall makeover as well. And my mother reminded me of some really cute pumpkins I crocheted several years back. To my total amazement, after digging out the supplies needed to whip some up, I found three pumpkin bodies, waiting. How easy it is to be thankful for something so simple! 

Feeling the urge to create something new, I explored A Beautiful Mess, looking for a ghost garland that I saw last year. It's more cutesy than spooky, which is exactly how I like my Halloween. I am sure as the days go by, we'll continue looking for ways to add more into this space, but for now, its making me feel very cosy and extremely happy. :) 
Time to get crafty!
Click here for the crocheted pumpkin pattern. 
Click here for the yarn tassel ghost garland instructions.

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