Friday, September 24, 2021

Mimi & Opa's Garden of Dreams

The summer blurred by so quickly for me. With heat waves and smoke, and unable to visit family until July, it felt like I was stuck in a weird mode where the days flew by all around me, but I stood still. Simply waiting. As soon as we were able to travel, the girls and I took a road trip down south and we hung out with my parents for two glorious weeks. How refreshing it was : a change of scenery, a change of pace, a chance to breathe and relax. It was so needed and this place continues to hold such a special part of my heart as it repeatedly becomes a refuge to me, a place to escape my weird moods. 

My mom has been working so hard on her garden this year. We were greeted by beautiful flowers and lovely vegetable crops that filled my aching garden heart. My oldest absolutely loves eating garden lettuce and we played around with cooking beet greens. My father built a playhouse for the girls and it became their fairy house, where tea parties were held and dried flowers carefully placed. The sunsets were gorgeous and seemed to make this place even more magical, with its beautiful, glowing light of pink and orange. I love the countryside! I didn't take too many pictures, but the ones I did make me super thankful for this place. :) 
Pretty flowers on and near the deck.
Happy smiles make everything a thousand times cuter. This little bumble bee (on the rose) had a white stripe on his bum, so I did some research and learned all about him. How neat!
A glimpse of the playhouse from the path and the first tea party of many. My father has currently finished the roof and given the house its door. I cannot wait to go back and take more photos! 
Always watching the sky.

A little bud, just starting to open. I love how the clematis looks like a fairy lantern!
Something about the combination of flowers and bricks make me really happy! The ladies went to explore the "jungle," and I saw glimpses of them in the green. And I found a garden angel.

The rose has opened and its looking gorgeous! And a pretty, little sunset making me super happy!
I have so much love for the clouds!
I hope you enjoyed this little walk with me around my parent's home. Have a wonderful Friday. :) 

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