Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Rainbow Fade Chevron Blanket : Project Complete

I am very happy to announce that the rainbow fade blanket project has been completely finished! Finally! :)  I started this blanket at the end of 2020 and eagerly worked on it through-out the springtime of 2021. I completed the chevron rows and even added fringe before summer started, but because of those dreaded words "weave in the ends," I took several months hiatus. Also, I sprained my wrist ... but is that a proper excuse? 

September hit and I started craving the project again. Honestly, I don't even mind weaving in ends, its enjoyable to me once I start. I don't really know why I waited so long to finish it. Maybe it was because the weather was warmer? Who knows, (Okay, maybe my wrist did play a larger part in it) but now, I am happy to report that its done and now placed lovingly on Bug's (my oldest daughter) bed. 

I used this pattern as my guide and worked mostly with Michaels Loops & Thread Impeccable colourways as well as the Red Heart Supersavers. A lot of the yarn I already had in my stash, but once we knew that it was a rainbow fade that Bug was wanting, we did end up buying seven other colours to add and fill in the gaps of what I already had. The result lead to this:
Look at that wonderful fringe! That was another little detail that I thought would take me a bit, but it was really easy to add it on. The blanket would stay incomplete like this for a few months, just waiting to be finished. 
I absolutely love how it turned out. It really was a fun project to crochet and seemed to build up fast, since I kept wanting to get to the next colour. The fringe is the best and my daughter is so happy with how it looks on her bed. 

I am now working on another blanket for my youngest (Monkey), however, she wanted it to be rainbow craziness. I will be posting pictures of her blanket soon. I am currently in the middle of building it and feeling the excitement to have it placed on her bed as well. 

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