Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Books I Read in November

I am really enjoying writing these little posts about the books I've read. I like the look of all the covers bundled up together, it makes me super happy and I feel super accomplished. This month I have extended my love for all things fantasy and whimsical. Now that we've hit December, I am seeking some cozy Christmas stories. Hopefully I can find a few to suit me. September and October
1. City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare  
    This was probably my least favourite in The Mortal Instrument series so far. It seemed to take forever to get anything moving along and I almost feel like book four and five could have been put together. I appreciate the character growth and learning more about them, but this particular book just seemed to move too slowly for me. 

    A lot happened in this book and I really appreciated all of it. I feel like I enjoyed this immensely, even though Jace and Clary are still not fully together! UGH! I look forward to finishing this series. Hopefully this year. 

3. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman ✩ 
    This book was absolutely incredible! I really enjoyed listening to it on audio since Neil Gaiman narriated his stories. His introduction to the book held my attention right away, and several of the stories had me laughing out loud. I enjoy listening and learning of Thor and Loki (who is probably my favourite - that rascal!) and expanding my knowledge on the other Norse Gods. 

    This was such a lovely story. It took me a little bit to get into at first, but once the story got going, I was so intrigued by everything that was happening. A magical book, a fawn-like creature, and Jane Austen inspired characters made this a delight to listen to. I also read The Book Jumper by Mechthild Glaser and that was also lovely

    My favourites in this short story collection were: Forbidden Fruit by Roshani Chokshi, Olivia's Table by Alyssa Wong, The Land of the Morning Calm by E. C. Myers, The Smile by Aisha Said, Nothing Into All by Renee Ahdieh, Bullet Butterfly by Elsie Chapman, Daughter of the Sun by Shveta Thakrar, and Eyes Like Candlelight by Julie Kagawa. A lot of these authors are new to me and I look forward to reading more of their work. 

    This is book two in the Hazel Wood Series and I had to complete the series I started last month. The fairy tales characters came to the city and its up to Alice and Finch to set things right. The Hazel Wood was awesome and I rated The Boy Who Didn't Come Home five stars. 

    Normally, I do not read the author introduction at the beginning of a classic book. I generally avoid them because I know that they contain spoilers and I like to be surprised. Yet, for some weird reason, I found myself tucking into the intro and learning the events of the novel before even reading it. It contained interesting information about Steinbeck's life and how he viewed the world, and I loved understanding his reasons for writing this story. I honestly think that knowing why he wrote The Pearl made me enjoy it more than I normally would have. 
    This was such a great story about wealth and the struggle of the greed which always seems to follow. I found it so interesting how Kino continually tried to hold onto the pearl, it become his lifeline to a "better" future and how, ultimately, his future became worse because of it. The struggle with the people around him was also so interesting and painful to watch. 

    I basically love everything that Debbie Tung writes. Happily Ever After and Everything In Between was cute and I loved seeing the relationship between her and her husband, with the teaser at the end. Hopefully, another book will follow. :) I have read three of her graphic novels this year and feel like she gets me like no other ever has. Quiet Girl in a Noisy World and Book Love are awesome and I eagerly plan on reading everything that she creates. 

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