Tuesday, December 08, 2020

A Photo Every Hour : A Glimpse into our Day

9am - We are awake and eating breakfast. Today everyone slept in and it was lovely. 
10am - We have gotten into a bit of a Jan Brett kick. We are absolutely loving her books and really enjoying learning more about this author. 
11am - I am crocheting while my oldest is finishing up her math. We are also loving this song right now. If ever we are feeling like we have been sitting too long, I put That Time of Year on and we dance around the house singing the lyrics. It puts us all in a better mood. We are huge fans of Olaf! 
12pm - A bit of snow play and a warm soup to come inside to. 
1pm - Social Studies is taking us to a new place in Canada. Monkey is happy to play with her toys beside us. She worked on her "social studies" project for a little bit, but Wile E Coyote stole her attention away. 
2pm - I snuck in some computer work while the girls were playing downstairs. 
3pm - Joining the girls downstairs, that basement is such a disaster (oh my goodness!), but we will get a handle on it during the holidays. Hopefully. I am trying not to freak out. haha. I went on a little run instead. The audiobook that I am listening to is incredible. The narrator adds so much to Flavia's character and I am completely smitten with her. I didn't pay attention before hand to see if this book belongs to a series (it does!!) and now I have nine more books to read. I highly recommend if you like smart eleven-year-olds who love chemistry and mysteries. 
4pm - All the Christmas songs are being played now and I am in Heaven. I got reunited with a carol that I had forgotten about and am in all the nostalgic awes every single time she plays it. 
5pm - Husband made us some yummy supper while I sat mending socks. I always put off these kinds of projects and then find myself so surprised at how easy they are to fix.
6 pm - Christmas Village lego building. 
7pm - Getting the girls ready for bed. I love their little Christmas tree. 
8pm - Watching The Truman Show remotely with friends. This movie was something I watched in high-school and it was really fun to rewatch and chat about it with friends. 

10pm - No photo. I went to bed and read a little from The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf. I spent the better part of the year reading young adult fiction and lots of fantasy that I forgot how much I enjoy reading classics. I am so smitten with the way everyone spoke and behaved towards each other.  

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