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The Books I Read In October

I am always on the hunt for a spookier book for the month of October. Nothing too spooky though, I can get really creeped out really quickly. I do try to stay away from thrillers and horrors. I love reading fantasy though, and if its a bit weird or feels super whimsey, I love it. I am all about the atmosphere being creepy, raising the hair on the back of my arm - I still think about those hounds on the Baskerville Moors. I don't even mind reading about ghosts or strange characters and creatures, but when they turn completely evil or the book is trying to terrify me - I am so not into that. Does that make sense? Does anyone else feel this way? 

Here are the books I managed to read or listen to during October. :) xo 


1. Legendary by Stephanie Garbe
        This was probably my least favourite in the series. The story continued where Carval left off, giving off a behind the scenes feel as we continued to learn more about the characters and Legend's magic. I feel like this book really helps set up the third book. If you want to read what I thought of the first book, feel free to click here

        This was a super cute graphic novel about tea dragons and a girl discovering their world. The illustrations were adorable and I spent the next couple of days showing the girls each dragon and seeing which one they would pick. The story was great, but I really enjoyed the tea dragon descriptions and their history at the back of the book the most. 

        I really enjoy reading short stories or tales from a series that I love. I think they adds so much to the world and it makes me want to learn even more. I just want to know more! Tales of the Peculiar is no exception and I really enjoyed what this short story collection had to offer. My favourite stories were The Splendid Cannibal, The Woman who Befriended Ghosts, The Girl who Could Tame Nightmares, and the Locust. 

        I picked up this story because I loved watching the movie and wanted to relive it in book form. The story is definitely different from the movie, but I loved it just as much, and the movie still holds up in my opinion. This was such a lovely world and Sophie is probably one of my favourite characters I have read in a long time. I love her spunk and her bravery as she lives her life cursed. I enjoyed seeing how it all came together and the challenges they had to face near the end. I thought the book ended too soon and it all wrapped up too quickly, but I think my frustration came from just wanting more. I cannot wait to continue with the rest of the series. 

5. The Lost Days by Rob Reger ✩ 
        originally started this book because it was listed on the Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge. In fact, if I remember correctly, I am pretty sure Rory has an Emily the Strange sticker on her cast when she breaks her arm in an episode - maybe I am wrong. I am super thankful that I chose to listen to it, my past thirteen year old self would have swooned. It was such a fun story of a girl who wakes up not remembering who she is and it only got more interesting from there. I cannot wait for my girls to read this and I eagerly await to get my hands on the rest of the series.

        wanted to enjoy this book more than I did. I thought the political and historical side of Oz was incredible and Elphaba was such a fantastic main character. Her life and world was so interesting to me - her passions, her interests, and all the choices that she made was so clever. She was the saving grace of the story, and I am happy that I got to know a different side to the Wicked Witch of the West. The reasons this book kind of fell apart for me was that in amongst this incredible world building and character development, there were random sexual, religious, or odd scenes that I didn't think made sense to anything. Normally, I don't mind random scenes because I feel like it adds to the book and I am getting to know the world better. For this particular book, however, I felt like the scenes continually jarred me out of the story, leaving me to shake my head in confusion. 

7. Finale by Stephanie Garber 
        This is the final book to the Carval series and it was lovely. I really enjoyed how the story wrapped up and felt the decisions each character had to make made sense. I also listened to this entire series on audio which added a lot of character to Tella and Scarlett. 
        This was such a great read! I love a story that has fairytales within, and dark fairytales at that. We meet our main character who is the granddaughter of a famous fairytale author. Alice's world gets turned upside down when her mother gets kidnapped and she is lead onto the path that makes her wonder if the stories in her grandmother's book are not actually stories, but real. I enjoyed following Alice around and learning more about who she is and the world she is from. It has some creepy and whimsy moments which is exactly the kind of book I enjoy reading around Halloween.   

9. The Boy Who Didn't Come Home by Melissa Albert (not pictured)✩ 
        Another awesome short story that takes readers further into the Hazel Wood. I really enjoyed learning what happened to Ellery Finch and *spoiler alert* how he helps to save Alice. 

10. This month I managed to read three stories from The Classics Favourite Fairy Tales of Anderson and Grimm collection. "The Emperor's New Clothes" and "The Princess and the Pea" by Hans Christian Anderson and "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" by The Brother's Grimm. All were lovely. The only story that I was not familiar with was "The Twelve Dancing Princesses," I found it super interesting and the solider clever. This collection is huge, so I am aiming to read a few stories every month, if you are curious to see what I read in August, feel free to click here

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