Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Our 2020 Halloween

This year we cancelled trick-or-treating. Covid-19 numbers continued to rise and we weren't feeling safe with the idea of knocking on so many doors. Luckily, our girls didn't seem to even care. Honestly, I think I felt more sad about missing out on this tradition than they did. They got their candy, they got to dress up, so they were pretty happy and hyper by night's end. 
Another Halloween tradition we have is to spend it with family and we were thankful that we got to keep that part alive.  Fun halloween crafts, yummy snacks, and make-your-own-candy-jewellery were waiting for us! Seriously, how much fun is making your own candy jewellery! Yes, please! We also created a scavenger hunt for the girls so that they had to collect their own candy from around the house. They ran from room to room, repeating the riddle so many times. It was so cute! Our youngest got bored almost immediately, she was happy with the fact that she was holding candy. Bug worked hard to solve every single riddle. 
Husband decided to treat everyone to homemade sushi which was delicious! We ate until we hurt and then we stuffed ourselves some more. It was such a fun evening. We worked on fun activities, had a fire, and watched a movie with lemon meringue and kitty snuggles. Our Halloween turned out to be so much better than I originally thought. I am so thankful for the fun moments we got to share and create during this crazy time. xo 

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