Friday, October 30, 2020

Pumpkin Carving

Our pumpkin adventures were really fun this year! In past events, it has usually ended up that I would be the only one left at the table to complete them. My oldest absolutely hated the feeling of the pumpkin innards, and since its a long process, everyone eventually got bored with the carving process. This year, however, both of the girls were super into the pumpkin guts and had a lot of fun planning out what their faces were going to look like. 
The best part of pumpkin carving is the pumpkin seeds, right? mm so good. I am still looking to find the best recipe, but I could eat them all day long! They didn't last long enough for me to take a picture. 
Pumpkin planning! We made some tea, got out some markers and paper, and figured out exactly what we wanted our pumpkins to look like. I love seeing the creativity and personality of both girls come out. 
We recruited the husband to come and help us carve, which made it so much more fun. I love projects that can bring us all together, and ones that require each of us to use our own "strength." Carving is not a strength of mine and usually ended with an injury. I was super thankful he came to help. And now, with my hands free of goop, I was able to take lots of pictures. :) Our end results were pretty cute.
 Happy Halloween. 

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