Thursday, October 08, 2020

Making Butter

One of my favourite things about having kids is all the questions I get asked. I love their curious minds, seeing their desire, their need to figure out or understand something completely. Quite often this happens at bedtime, all the fantastic conversations come out when their bodies finally slow down and their mind finally has a chance to play catch up. Sometimes it frustrates me, but the conversations we have are amazing. I know one day I will miss them, so I will continually answer their questions. 

I love seeing how the girls minds work. When we learn something in science and it leads to questions about electricity or magnetic rocks - or something completely unrelated. Or they wonder how long it would take an ant to walk from here to there. Then the conversations turns towards specific scientists who went around the world painting butterflies. I especially love it when a book leads to questions. When I have to pause and explain something or why our characters did what they did. That is what happened with this project. 
I am currently reading Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I didn't grow up reading this series, and it has been so much fun exploring how this family pioneered. I got asked a lot of questions, and one of them was about the process of making butter. We take for granted the things that we buy at the store, the girls thought it was crazy that people used to make their own butter. I thought this would be a fun project, to show the girls that making it is possible. 

A quick internet search showed me that it was a really "easy" process, all we had to do was shake a jar. So we did. Now, shaking the jar is definitely a bit of work. Luckily, we had family visiting, so we gave everyone a chance to help out. After about fifteen minutes of shaking and dancing around the living room, we had butter. And it was delicious. 
We used the buttermilk to make pancakes and added butter and syrup to the finished product. Such a fantastic and delicious experiment. I don't think I would do this often, but if there is a fancy occasion or a baked good that required some butter on top, I would be tempted to shake some cream again. I had a lot of fun.

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