Saturday, September 26, 2020

And Then She Was Three

My baby turned three last weekend. I cannot believe how quickly time flies. She is three, hardly a baby, full of spunk and personality and so much love. Birthdays in isolation are a bit of a weird thing. Knowing we weren't going to have any parties, we basically made it about food. She could have absolutely anything she wanted and she chose chocolate. Already so wise at the age of three. :) 

We made easy decorations out of wrapping paper (I am so thankful for Grandma who cut out all of the hearts!!) and placed them all over the walls. Balloons were scattered around the floor and the birthday candle was lit. The celebration started, as soon as she awoke, with gluten-free chocolate cereal. A chocolate birthday cake and chocolate ice-cream cones (yes! we found some gluten-free) would come later, followed by the most delicious handmade sushi ever. That is what our baby wanted and that is what she got. It was a great day of food and family and being present with each other. xo 

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