Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A Summer In The Countryside : Part One

This summer was an odd one this year. With covid running rampant, most of our dream plans were cancelled and we choose to keep pretty close to home. Luckily, my parents were also isolating themselves and we were able to spend four weeks with them through-out the summer. A whole month total in the country-side! I am already missing my childhood home and already planning another trip. The odd summer turned heavenly! 

Our first holiday with them started in June. It was filled with wet walks along the old train path, identifying flowers, playing with Percy (the cat), resting in hammocks, collecting rocks and turning the gazebo into a museum, exploring grassy fields, and painting the picnic table again. Lots of adventure, outdoor times, grandparent snuggles, and rainy days. It was also my first attempt at an outdoor run - oh, the allergies! 

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