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A Look At 2020 // January - June

A huge part of why I enjoy blogging so much is being able to look at all the photos I have taken over the years and see all the little moments that have come and gone. Each photo holds so much for me. Many memories and stories, and the whole day tends to flood back to me simply by looking at them.  

I didn't want to move forward in this space, sharing all of our current happenings, without taking a few moments to look back at 2020. I blogged a little bit, but my "bits and pieces" post got left behind and those are the places where I tend to share all the photographs that I hold so dear. I have rounded up the pictures and placed them into two very long (sorry, but not sorry) blog posts. If taking a glance at what our 2020 year looked like sounds awesome to you, you are definitely in the right place. 

I actually really enjoy seeing everything lined up like this. This post hold pictures from January to June and I love how I can see the season change every month. We start up the year with indoor projects, the cooler weather keeping us inside most of the time. More outdoor play, chalk art, and flowers naturally follow with the warmer months. Homeschooling was a huge part of year as well, and many of my oldest daughter's projects are scattered through-out. :)  


Pretty little flowers and knitting some socks for me. Unfortunately, I did not get very far with this project. Socks intimidate me for some reason.  
 Playing with some Christmas gifts. 
My youngest is in love with the heat register. I don't blame her. Move over, kid! Its cold here! 
Loving the little bits of snow on my wreath! For science we painted with spices. 
Taking a moment to sketch. It felt so good to play with pencils and paper again. Baking some chocolate oat gluten-free cookies. 
Playing outside in the snow! Food colouring and water makes for a wonderful winter activity.


Working on a boarder for one of our donation blankets. Crocheting some little flowers for fun. 
Valentine flowers! I feel so loved! Started a new sport. Floor hockey!!!
Homeschooling projects. Working on a large Canada map and sketching out some penguins.
"A Tyranny of Petticoats" was a wonderful short story collection. Highly recommend it! And Monkey found a picture of Opa in her colouring book. She was so excited to colour it.
Building a bird feeder for the garden, I mean, science.
Another donation blanket in the works and a winter walk to grab some milk. 
Lovely art from Bug. One for school and one for fun. 


Babysitting a very precious dear this week. I borrowed "Conscious Creativity" from the library and I am in LOVE. I need to grab her workbook and allow myself to play. This is another book that I highly recommend.
Pretty little reflection and a line up of the books I wanted to read at the time.
Bug's Canada map is coming together beautifully. 
A wonderful winter walk with friends. We needed to get us out of our house!
Drawing and colouring, a few of our favourite things. 


Husband is making some delicious takoyaki! I should be writing, so naturally I started reading "Around the World in 80 Days!" 
Being goofy with our Easter crafts. We decided it would be fun to make little monsters.
My aunty gave us a lovely Easter house craft and it was so much fun to put together. My violet is starting to bloom!
The snow is melting and we can colour the driveway! I also enjoy bringing my coffee out the deck and soaking in the warm sun! 
I saw faces in the fence, so I gave them some extra details. heehee
Love this time of year. More chalk, more sun soaking. The kids are only bundled up because they wanted to roll in the melting snow. 
A look at the fence from a distance. It's lovely! 
Playing with some natural food colouring. Colouring yarn (which didn't work) and some eggs (which I thought looked beautiful) with tea, cabbage, onion peels, and other odd bits.
Our field turned into a gigantic puddle. Yes, please!! And someone thinks its so funny to step on heads.
Birthday flowers and little seeds filled with promise!
Making Grammy and Grandpy's yard a bit more colourful. Another blanket on the hook. I was planning on keeping this one when I first started it, but we ended up adding it to the donation pile. 
Kite flying! Bug constructed this kite in kindergarten and its still one of our favourite things to use. Monkey ran and ran until her little legs couldn't run anymore!
Pretty blooms and the crocheted fade with seedlings in the background. I love this picture. So full of things that I like. Including my socks! 


More seeds! I have started a serious collection of little growing things!
She started up her loom! I cannot wait to see this project finished!
A pretty bird feeder and the start of a bike ride.
I may not have printed them all in the right size, but gosh, its beautiful! 
Pretty corners at the farm. Love this place! A small outdoor gathering for Mother's Day.
Monkey loves playing with her little toys. She will sit and lay on her belly for so long, creating stories with characters and scenes that NEED to be finished before she is able to move onto something else. We have also fallen in love with shadow play and I found out that I am a collector of shadows. 
Building boats for fun! Now we have ships to explore the hardwood sea and the bathtub. 
Reading one of her favourite series: "Dragon Master." Highly recommend if you have a lover of dragons on your hands!! Bug is now reading the "Wings of Fire" series, so depending on your child's reading level, those are two awesome series we can recommend. The plants are growing!!!
Bike rides and recording how the trees change over time. 
Oh, my heart! These blooms make me so happy!
They have taught me to love dandelions, to slow down and seek out their yellowy goodness. And when flowers fall off of trees, its a good day!
I really love this picture of blankets, seeing my projects all stacked up like that. Adding more colour to the fence!
They stayed in the wagon for a very long time!


Working on a very special blanket for Grandma. She is doing such a great job! A lovely train circling a very busy city.
We ran away to Mimi and Opa's. I have more photos from this trip too. It was wonderful and the two weeks flew by way too quickly. This place is magical
I love this picture! Little did we know that the chalk we were using had some "extra" stuff in it and the black absolutely refused to come off. After some serious scrubbing, and letting it sit, it weathered off. But boy, for having a rental property, that was a tense moment for a while. It's funny now, and I have learned to be a bit more cautious over where we put our art. 
Yummy garden lettuce and some rock painting!
This flower surprised me. It started growing where I had my zinnias and we had to download an app to figure out what the heck it was. According to my app, its called a Dwarf Fireweed and it likes to grow in the Arctic. How cool!!!
Gorgeous flowers at Memaw's house. More outdoor gatherings to keep sane during this weird year.
Flowers we found on one of our walks to our neighbours house (to watch their pets). I have a photo of Monkey in this coat from last year and I like how similar they are


I will be posting the photos from July - December in the next few days. I hope you enjoyed walking down memory lane with me. :) Have an awesome day. 

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