Tuesday, January 07, 2020

December Bits & Pieces

New wreath for a new season! This blanket is growing so fast! Loving the colours.
 First day with the advent calendars! 
Computer break and learning new words! 
Making a fun Christmas craft with Grandma! A lovely doughnut ornament.
School work and some light reading. haha
Early Christmas presents and more blanket work. 
Watching Wizard of Oz after reading the book for school. Sticker activity books are the best. 
Morning advent play and Wall-E is now ready for the holidays. 
Birthday party prep! 
Ready for a birthday party (or two) and starting the snowflake painting craft. All she wanted to do for her birthday was paint. And eat Mcdonalds. We totally got Mcdonalds after the birthday party.
Snowflake painting!
Gluten free cookie decorating and a cupcake masterpiece. 
Cupcake decorating fun!
 Finished cupcake creations and lighting the birthday candle. 
Taking a quick nap before the second party begins. 
New window marker love and practicing for her Christmas piano recital. 
Glow sticks in a bubble bath and playing with new toys. 
Now she is actually six! The last bit of schoolwork on her birthday.
Gingerbread house building. My youngest wants to make another one. 
New blanket, new board game! SO MUCH FUN!
Slime and family reading time. I love listening to her as she reads.
Ready for Santa!
Found a handsome dragon! Baby needs a bath.
New blankets and learning all about rocks!
 Happy New Year! Gosh, I love puzzles. 

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