Sunday, September 13, 2020

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It has been a while since I sat and contemplated what to write in this little space. The months have gone quickly, life chapters have come to a close, with new ones just beginning. I find myself embracing September fully - this is one of my favourite times of year. Something about the beginning of the school year, of new lists and schedules, of buying school supplies, it all makes me giddy with excitement. Even though this year looks different than most, the air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and I am left with a thankful heart, full and spilling over. 

I began pondering over this little space a few days ago, thinking and reflecting if I should continue writing here. Wondering if the random times of abandonment, of which I forget this blog entirely, if that is simply the new normal, something that I should consider may happen from time to time, not allowing it to become something that derails me. I began wondering about how I overall felt about writing words here, pouring out my thoughts and hopes. Reflecting on the advantages and disadvantages this whole process may have on my heart. I found myself more in the favour of doing it than not, of wanting to than thinking I should. I always feel so full when I write. I love expressing the joys of my day, the projects I am working on, the moments I find so precious. What I love even more, is looking back at what I have experienced and, with nostalgic joy, seeing how much my babies have grown. Even seeing how much I have grown, which I feel has been a lot lately. I find that life is short and fleeting, and I want to capture every moment I can, not wanting to miss a thing. *cue up Aerosmith. 

So, with the newness and freshness of the season, with new schedules and goals in mind, I pick up my computer and type out these words once more. Hello. Again. If you have been here before, hello friend. If this is the first time encountering the space, I am glad to meet you. Welcome to my story. I am not sure where I'll end up, or what it will end up looking like, but I am glad to be typing once more.  

With this first little post, I thought it would be fitting to write a little list of the different things that I have been up to since I last posted. Hopefully, you will get a little inside to my life, a little taste of who I am, all while I create a list that will serve me with all the nostalgic feels in the years to come. 

My currently list : 

eating / I've been trying to eat more veggies and less meat recently, playing around with beans and tofu. I want to find meals that every member of my family can enjoy that doesn't have to include meat all the time. Luckily, everyone seemed to be on board with the idea of veggie bowls. I found a couple of recipes that I tried this week, using different vegetables to please everyone, and so far, it has been a crowd pleaser. The Sweet Potato & Bean Burrito Bowl was really good and this Tempeh Bowl was yummy, we used tofu instead of tempeh. It was my first time frying the tofu and I had a lot of fun, it felt so great making food that was different to what we normally eat. I realized that I actually miss experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. I have been finding a lot of inspiration on two amazing Instagram accounts that I follow : bleubird & designlovefest

drinking / lots and lots of coffee, followed by lots and lots of water. And repeat. 

practicing / This year has been a very good year in terms of working out. I never thought I would say it, but after I completed this challenge, my next step was to start working on loving my body! With only a few weeks off, here and there, I have continually worked out since the beginning of February, falling more in love with the progress I am making, both physically and mentally. I love carving out time to train and I have trained myself to enjoy all sweating aspect of it with the help of audiobooks. Books keep me going on days my motivation is low and I simply don't want to do it. If I want to continue on listening to the book, I must work out - its a challenge I have set up for myself and it has worked for me. I have been running and strength training, and this week I will be adding cycling into the mix, just to switch things up a bit. It has been rewarding, but more importantly, it has been fun - and I honestly never thought I would say that. 

mastering / mastering seems like such a huge word, but something I am really working hard to devote a lot of my time towards is writing. I would love to "master" it, but for now, I am really enjoying the process of learning. Always learning. I have been thinking a lot about how important it is to tell stories. The moments in our lives, the thoughts we have, the memories we carry - how they are all are a part of our individual story, and how its so important to share that with others. To pass them down to the next generation or to anyone who is willing to listen. Whether in journal entry or fictional worlds, I want to write out my own story - capturing the emotion, and heartache, and joy, and experiences that I've had the privilege to live.  

watching / My husband and I started a (from a distance) movie club with some friends which has been a lot of fun. We started with Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 and our next movie will be Avatar. We are taking turns picking movies, chatting beforehand, pressing play at the same time, and then talking it over afterwards. We haven't watched a lot of movies together yet, but it's been awesome. I highly recommend doing this! I have also been enjoying watching all the baking shows on Netflix and the Tangled Series on Disney +. I am hoping to get to these seasonal movies soon : Kiki's Delivery Service, Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, and Labyrinth. I also want to watch Double Double Toil and Trouble, a movie I remember loving as a kid. 

learning / always wanting to learn to be a more patient, supportive, slow paced mom. We have started a new homeschooling year, which has been going great so far, and I am definitely more aware of the emotions I tend to bring to the table every single day. We are trying things differently than last year and I am wanting to continue to keep things light and fun. Our days, so far, have been broken up with little workout videos, reading sessions, crafts, and walks outside. I have noticed that the attention span has increased with these little breaks and I hope that we can always find something fun to insert here and there. Not only does it help her, but it helps me as well. Constantly learning to find new and fun ways to do the things we just simply have to do. 

playing / Recently, I have been spending my evenings playing Minecraft. Several years ago, I was out of a job for a couple of weeks, it was October, and my husband and I played Minecraft for days without end. Now, every time the weather changes, I get a sudden urge to play the game. I am so happy that I decided to start it up again. It makes me feel creative, its a great date night, and since I first played it this time of year, it makes me feel all cozy and festive, craving all the turkey sandwiches.  


finishing / My friend and I started a crochet project a couple of years ago, completely underestimating how long it would take to complete it. I am finding that underestimating the time it takes to craft something is a normal thing for me. We are so close to finishing now, and hopefully soon we will have a large pile of twin-sized blankets ready for donation. We have a charity in mind, and I am so excited to finally be able to give the blankets away.

reading / This year has been a really good reading year for me. I am a part of two different book clubs and have decided to slowly start making my way through a couple of reading challenges : the Rory Gilmore Reading List and Around the World. All of this makes for a great assortment of books. Currently I am reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte & Einstein Never Used Flash Cards by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek. These books are also on my radar and I am hoping to read them soon : French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billion, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, & Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones 

wearing / Lately, I've been trying to dress up in nice clothes, ignoring the call of my pjs and workout pants. At the beginning of covid, I stayed in the habit of dressing in jeans and wearing make-up, but as the months progressed, I definitely started sliding into more comfier habits. Unfortunately, with that comes a bit more of a low self-esteem attitude for me, so I am now bringing out my hairspray and mascara, jeans and prettier tops. I need a mood boost. 

cooking / I want to attempt more gluten-free bakes. I have had some success and some failures in the kitchen with gluten-free flour. I am currently creating a list of desserts that I want to try and make. My ultimate goal is to find a collection of recipes that are loved and deliciously craved by all members of the house. Especially cake. My next kitchen attempt will be to bake a gluten free cake or cookies for my daughter's third birthday, which is coming way too quickly. She keeps asking for gingerbread cookies! I also need to figure out how to make these gluten free, otherwise I will end up eating them all. 

working on / I've been trying to memorize bible verses recently. This has been something that I wanted to do for a very long time, but I always tend to put it off for when I have "more" time. Which is a joke, if I don't make the time for it now, it won't happen. So, I have been slowly making my way through this book. It has been a great read so far and I have been enjoying how often the verses will come to mind through-out the day. I also want to start studying the Bible. I often read it, but I don't often study it. I am looking into different methods and where to start, trying not to become overwhelmed before I begin.

traveling / The only traveling we have done this year has been visiting my parents, who have also been self-isolating. We broke our visit up into two week chunks and managed to spend a glorious month away from the city in total. I will have photographs to post about our adventures there soon. Other than that, we have not been anywhere. We have been talking self-isolating very serious and have been staying home the bulk of our time. When the weather is lovely we take walks or bike-rides around our neighbourhood, enjoying fresh air and nature, staying away from people as best as we can. 

wanting / to figure out a better way to motivate myself out of bed each morning. The idea of getting up before the girls sounds so lovely. I am not a morning person and can become a grouchy bear when I've been woken up. The dream is to wake up before the kiddos, allowing myself the time to properly wake up before they come down the stairs. Having extra morning time for quiet, devotions, or reading also sounds lovely. Baby steps. 

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