Thursday, September 17, 2020

Memories // Cows & Sunflowers

Another memory from 2019 was our weekend trip to the farm. Oh my goodness, I miss this place, it has been way too long. This particular weekend was filled with family, cows, farm chores, eating good food, puddles,  crafting, and sunflowers. Lots of beautiful sunflowers! 

The girls loved feeding the cows, they giggled whenever they got slobbered on. Bug (my oldest) really loved being part of all the farm action. She wanted to help with mowing the lawn, she fascinatingly watched as the farm boys poured cement, she even helped deliver snacks to them through-out the day. She wanted to do everything. Monkey (my youngest) stayed close to me. At this time, we still didn't know that she had a gluten allergy, so she was not feeling the best and had very low energy. But she loved the cows, she loved going on the side-by-side, she loved her lego! She also liked finding the salamanders and petting the farm kitties. I cannot wait to take her back there now that she is off gluten. I want to see her run with excitement. 
This was a great weekend. I cannot wait for new farm adventures, hopefully sooner than later. We miss the cows, we miss our family members, we miss those beautiful sunflowers, and the wide open spaces to run in. xo 

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