Monday, July 22, 2019

Mimi & Opa Adventures

The girls and I got to head out of the city for a couple weeks and spend some time with my parents in the country side. It was such an amazing time. I had forgotten how relaxing and peaceful it is to sit still and listen to the birds sing and the leaves rustling in the wind. It was so nice for the girls to be able to just head outdoors and explore as much and go as far as they want. We ended up spending the majority of our day outside and its something that we realized we needed. We are definitely outdoor explorers rather than indoor players and its so much better exploring in the country. The wild life out there is amazing too!

We ended up partaking in so many different projects while we were there. I was really blown away with how much we were able to do and get done. I found the days went by so slowly, in such a good way. It was relaxing, we were productive, we worked on projects as we wanted, and then let the rest of the day happen naturally. It felt like a good balance of life and I really want to bottle up this creative, peaceful, fun freedom and bring it home with me to the city. I found myself loving this holiday and remembering that magical moments happen when I least expect it and when I don't plan for it. Or maybe I was choosing to see the magic in our every day life.
Hanging out in the new hammock and pretty flax flowers in the garden. 
Playing in the tent and collecting sparkly rocks. 
Rocks and dump trucks, crocheting on the deck.
Painting picnic tables and bricks.
Garden art.
Bubble play and raindrops on lilacs. 
We were cooped up too long on this rainy day and so we all put on our raincoats and went out for a walk. Loving the daisy coat among all of the daisy flowers.
Rhubarb picking. She wanted to carry it all for me, sweet girl. I will love daisies forever.
Baking cookies for Opa and started a very tricky yarn themed puzzle.
Bubble fish play and flowers holding hands.
Cutting the first batch of rhubarb. Discovered that Birdie does not like raw rhubarb, haha.
Little house love!
Found my wedding bouquet - ten years old. Decided to take some photos of it before I got rid of it.
Dried roses from over the years - so much love in that little bin. The girls loved being able to explore on their own. They definitely don't get to do this living in a city.
Playing with ice. I will post more pictures soon.
We went for a lovely walk and found ourselves throwing rocks in the river. 
Hey there, ladybird. 
Roses and faces. 
Mushrooms and lilacs.
Another batch of rhubarb being turned into a crisp for a birthday party.
Playing with ice by the campfire.
Puzzle is almost done! Saving the cat for the big kid. Burning roses is a very pretty affair.
Oops. The baby got into the food colouring. hehe. Highly recommend if you want them entertained for hours. She only got a little blue. 
Clematis in the garden.
More ice and definitely more coffee. 
Petting the cat and finding out that we are missing a puzzle piece. Grr. Pretty orange light from the kitchen.
Playing with flowers and sorting them by colour. Bug took the photo of the red daisies.
Turning old wedding flowers into beautiful new wreaths. Bug designed a wreath for Mimi with the daisies and I created one with the hydrangeas. I love the look of mine so much.
Golden hour at the little house.
Finished wreath and heading out for a walk to play Pooh sticks.
Garden snack time.
Mimi's wreath complete. I love the look of this one too!
Bubble Fish Gun fun and Birdie waiting for daddy to come. 
We spotted a double rainbow at the end of our holiday with Mimi & Opa. What a magical time!

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