Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Let's Paint

I had forgotten the amount of joy that could come from painting. I always think that its too much of a messy craft to bother with. Yes, it is messy, but the excitement that came from all of the painting we did over the last two weeks is something I want to remember forever. The girls painted rocks and sticks and bricks for Mimi's garden. THEN Opa had the brilliant idea of painting the picnic table. The girls were awed that they could paint something so big and quickly got to work. Bug was at the table for hours and Birdie periodically came up to it to add her touches. We ended up getting paint stains on our clothes and eyebrows (Birdie) and elbows, and I am super thankful that this was an outside craft - especially with a toddler. However, playing with all of that colour, working on a project together, and hearing the giggles, makes me want to pull the paints out all of the time. I also really didn't care if they got paint on their clothes - we were on holidays, and the stress of mess, or the need of controlling all the elements quickly disappeared.

Now I am wondering what I was so stressed about in the first place. This holiday was a really eyeopener in that regard. There are things that I have claimed as being too difficult, or too messy, or that take too long, and it has seemed that I have made things to be a much bigger deal than they actually are. My perspective is undergoing some serious changes. We had so much fun with paints and I hope to continue using this medium with the girls. 

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