Friday, July 19, 2019

June Bits & Pieces

Hello there! I am a little late in posting these June photographs, but here they are! This is our sneak peek of all the adventures we had last month, but to sum it up slightly : we moved to a different house, we visited the U of A Botanical Gardens, mini golfed, went to the farm, and then attempted to settle into our new home before we left for a two week countryside vacation. I hope you enjoy. 
Math questions and playing in the sun while mommy packs up the kitchen.
Piles. Piles everywhere.
Hey you! 
Birds in the sky and a pretty dragonfly at Elk Islands. 
A pretty henna tattoo to cure my permanent tattoo craving and a good book. (Lots of swears though)
Playing fairies and butterflies at the U of A Botanical Gardens
Dance parties and more packing!
Bug's biggest job during the move was to get the pen-pal packages, that she has been working on forever, out into the mail. I found out that Birdie loves frozen peas - a great snack. 
Falling in love with the sunset. 
Mini golf with the family.
Farm adventures. Water play, bumble bees, and crochet! 
Crafting. Also missing a lot of our supplies since we have packed the majority of them away.
All The Light We Cannot See is my new favourite book! I LOVED IT! Highly recommend if you love Historical Fiction.Kiddos got to watch a bit of Paw Patrol while I cleaned the house. 
She just wants to be their friend so badly!
New floors and new sidewalks to make pretty. 
Smelling the last of the flowers at the garden at our old house.
Making spaceships and hanging up the guitars.
A bit of playtime before bedtime. Bug got a fun package in the mail and Birdie has been loving the piano lately.
Loving their new yard and I am trying to figure out where to put all of the indoor plants.
New shower curtain and more crocheted squares. 
Preparing for the long car ride to Mimi and Opa's house. A pretty little succulent found in a garden.
Don't mind me. I will be in the hammock all week. 

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