Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ice Play

This is one of our favourite activities ever. I honestly cannot stop making them or thinking of making them. Ice blocks! With toys in the centre so that the kids can dig them out or just watch the blocks melt! I made this the first time when we were watching Little, which was a huge success. Knowing that we were going to my parents and wanting to find activities that required only a few materials, this was the project I gravitated towards.

We made a few different sizes : muffin tins turned out to be amazing and then I grabbed two different shaped containers from my mother's cupboard (thanks, mom!). When asking Bug, my oldest, afterwards which shape and size she preferred, she explained that the muffin tins size was her favourite because were smaller, she could pile them up, and they melted faster. As much as the huge blocks of ice were cool to see, and literally took hours to melt, I would recommend smaller sizes based on the levels of patience your child has. haha. OR, which I will do next time, I will have one big one going, then several muffin tin sizes filled with toys, then perhaps some regular ice shaped blocks that are just coloured by the food colouring. Play and learn.
I get so much joy from mixing the food colouring with the water, sticking it in the freezer, and creating different layers of colour. That is why I like making this project.
The girls really enjoyed seeing the different body parts sticking outside of the ice. We didn't use new toys, so it wasn't a huge surprise for them to see what was inside, but it was still fun to hear them talking about what they did see. They also used spoons to chip away at some of the melted pieces and after awhile began pouring water over them to see how they melted even faster.
The bigger ice blocks were definitely fun to make, looking super cool when the ice melted, when we got to see a lot of the toys peeking out. They took several hours to melt which made for a fun all day project, but I also found that the girls began to lose interest in checking on the ice after a while. Note taking. I will be making more smaller ones next time. Highly recommend this activity, especially when the weather becomes too hot.

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