Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The U of A Botanical Gardens

We had the very exciting privilege to attend a school friend's birthday party at the U of A Botanical Gardens recently. I have had the gardens on my bucket list of places to attend for a few years now and was so excited to hear that we had a very good reason to finally go. Bug was super excited to see her friends, and with Birdie in tow, we walked around the gardens, dressed up as butterflies, and were told to keep our eyes out for fairies - you never know when you might see one. 
Birdie had an amazing time being able to run around, absolutely free, amongst all of the plants and flowers. She loved smelling them all. She also really loved watching the butterflies fly around in the Butterfly Room. I was only able to photograph one, because, sadly, I think he was injured. He was still so beautiful and all of the girls absolutely loved seeing his blue wings. Then, for some reason, he decided he liked my shoes and before I knew it, the butterfly was making his way up my leg. I didn't move and the tour guide eventually saved me. 
The next stop was the Japanese Gardens where the girls got to have some delicious tea. It begun to rain while they were siting underneath the gazebo, which made everything smell so nice. It became such a lovely and magical moment. Then I pulled Bug away from the party, for a quick minute, so that I could take a photo of her wearing the Monarch wings against the Japanese landscape. The photo makes me so happy.
We wandered the park for a little longer, but at this point we were a bit rushed to get to the cake and food, the girls were so hungry. When Bug and I got home later that day, we looked at our map and realized that we definitely didn't see the entirety of the gardens. We are now planning another trip to these Botanical Gardens and cannot wait to get immersed in their beauty once more. Can't wait. 

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