Thursday, June 06, 2019

Girls Bedroom Tour

We are up to our elbows in boxes, preparing for a move to our new house adventure. Before I tackled taking down the girls room, I really wanted to take a bunch of photos to document their shared space together. I have attempted to take photos of their room several times, but the perfectionist in me always got in the way and I would stop the process. On the brink of actually never seeing this setup again, I have put aside my need for perfection, cleaned up their room, and I now have so many photos memories of their shared room. Which is exactly what I needed. 
I love seeing all of the personality in the space. It is quite a mix of all the things that Bug & Birdie like. Nestled in their room are keepsakes from my husband when he was little as well as keepsakes from my own childhood. There are items that Birdie (my youngest) is using that Bug has grown out of. There are teeth marks in the crib. Stickers on assorted pieces of furniture. Totoro, My Little Pony, Pokemon, and Paw Patrol everywhere. It's their perfect little space.

I am really curious to see how their new room will turn out in the new space. Already there will be so many changes. Birdie will no longer be sleeping in a crib, the change table will be converted back into a shelving unit, and perhaps the majority of the furniture will be removed from their room as well. We will have to see. Bug is very excited to be getting a new room. So goodbye, old room. You have served us well!

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