Friday, June 14, 2019


It has been a while since I have chatted about what I have been currently up to. I thought I would take a minute and chat about some of the new things that I have been doing lately or some of the things that I hope to be doing soon. I love looking back on old lists and think this is such a fun way to keep myself accountable for my goals as well as see how life changes for me season to season.

Reading - I have been diligently going through the big, massive TBR (to be read) pile of books that have started spilling out beside my bed. This year I made it a goal to start going through them - getting rid of ones I don't want to read anymore and reading the ones that still interest me. It has been a really random reading year, but I have really been enjoying all the sorts of books I have stuck my nose into. Currently I am listening to Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs while I run and I have just started reading All The Light You Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I have also been thinking about rereading the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyers. I remember thinking they were good back in the day and want to reread them and see if my opinion has changed now that I have been reading more fantasy.

Traveling - I have gotten bit by the travel bug. All I want to do is pack our stuff, grab our passports, and head outwards to the next big adventure. I want to explore and walk aimlessly, taking all the photographs and do all the touristy things. Sadly, we don't have any huge travel plans on the horizon this year. However, we have been talking about the possibilities of traveling somewhere for next summer, and that makes me super excited. I want to visit Vancouver, go back to Japan, and am really wanting to head to Scotland. In the meantime we are keeping it close to home and I am trying to figure out how to make all the magical moments happen. I am still going to bring out my camera and, perhaps, we will fit in some local touristy things!

Crocheting - Lately I have been focusing all my crafting energy into a blanket project with a friend. We have decided that we wanted to donate 12 crocheted blankets (crib size and twin size) to a local charity here in the city. We have been making granny squares, weaving in ends, adding in boarders, and working with all sorts of colours. It honestly makes me really happy. It is my hope to write a post about it when we are further along. We have a lot of the squares made up, but they have not all been put together. I also really like the idea of making something for someone who actually may need a blanket. The joy of giving really helps keep me motivated.

Enjoying - I am really excited and enjoying the idea of setting up a new home. We are on the brink of moving. Saying yes to one house, and goodbye to our current one, boxes everywhere, cleaning all the walls. I am figuring out new ways to move around the furniture and how to organize better. Pinterest has become my friend again and I have been pinning so many inspirational pictures. Right now we are a bit of an odd mix, want to be minimal and wanting to be eclectic. I aspire to have everything have a proper place and a proper home. No clutter. No junk drawer. No crazy overflowing storage space. Everything where it belongs. Being able to move has helped me to go through everything even better and think of new ways that I can make our items work for us. I am also inspired by colour and fun pieces that make a room unique. Hopefully I will be able to pull off both seamlessly and without going crazy.

Loving - Right now I feel like there are so many new, awesome things on the horizon for us. We are say goodbye to a few things and hello to a lot of things and it kind of feels like we are at chapter end here. A new one is beginning and I honestly love this feeling. There are so many possibilities as to how this chapter will go. I love the excitement that "newness" can bring and I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds.

Hoping - I am hoping to make all of our summer bucket list goals come true. There have already been a few things I have had to cancel due to scheduling conflict, but I am still optimistic and hoping that the majority of our plans actually do happen. We are hoping to go to the Calgary Zoo, go camping, visit some Alberta beaches, see Jurassic Park, visit the farm, spend time at my parents house, and travel to the Corn Maze. Let's hope we can make this all happen!

Writing - The craving to write has become strong again. I have taken a very long break from the book I was creating, but the mood has kind of struck me and I want to figure out a way to write daily. This blog is also helping. I love being able to write my thoughts out again. I am trying to avoid getting caught up in all the overwhelming perfection that can come about with blog writing, and just write instead. I want this place to be somewhere that I can always return to for memory sake - a bit of a scrapbook project, if you will. So that is what I am doing, and I am loving it.

Listening - I try to listen to a variety of music during the day so that I can introduce the girls to different genres and artists, however, we often get caught up listen to the same old favourites. I have recently falling in love with the music jar idea by A Beautiful Mess and thought that it would be a great way to "force" ourselves out of the comfort zone and listen to new artists through-out the week. Any music suggestions?

Craving - I don't know if its because we are moving or if has something to do with the weather changing, but I have recently been wanting to make healthy meals. The idea of summer salads and popsicles and oatmeal bars have been floating around my head. I want to build up my pantry again (I am not a baker so I can find myself running out of items and never replacing them) and have fun in the kitchen, creating meals with Bug and Birdie and enjoying food. There is a pickle noodle salad that I am craving as well as a watermelon feta salad! yum!

Working - Lately I have been discovering a lot about myself. That kind of sounds silly as I write, but its true. I have been working on a Bible Study with a friend that was focused on prayer and the idea of making sure we had Jesus as the leader in our every day life and not allowing satan to run amuck with any of it. There were a few "aha" moments as I realized that some of the weird Emily quirks I had were actually based on some level of anxiety or fear, and I have been praying over them, working healthy habits back into my life. It has been both easy and extremely hard. I have also been training my body to become stronger. I have taken a new approach to fitness where it involves me to play with becoming stronger instead of focusing on some desired weight goal. I run to build endurance. I use weights to gain strength - thinking about the "what if I had to carry both children a long distance" mentality, something practical, than something aesthetic. And I have been really enjoying it. I listen to audio books when I workout, and only when I workout, so wanting to hear more of the story also adds to my desire to get back to the home gym. I have also been giving myself permission to eat what I want. Playing the yes and no game with myself. Yes to this. No to that. Sure to both. No to all. It has been a lot of fun.

A Few Of My Favourite Things : 5ftInf Blog, _hellostella_ yarn, Howl's Moving Castle - probably my favourite movie at the moment, Ash & Twig soap - my go-to in the shower, Pinterest, the Grocery Girls Podcast, and listening to audio books
These photos were all taken by my husband on his Japan trip last year.

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