Monday, June 03, 2019

Currently : Bug & Birdie

Lovebug (5 years) : It is so weird for me to think that my oldest will be finishing her Kindergarten year very soon. It felt like it wasn't too long ago when we were watching her walk up to the school on the first day, carrying a gigantic backpack, and lining up awkwardly with all of the other kids. She has grown up so much this year. I love watching how with each week she became more comfortable to leave me and find her friends. To hear them chattering on about the games they play or the things that they like. Now, they all run towards her the moment that they see she has arrived. It is just too cute. 

Bug has also been reading up a storm. We have kept up with different types of reading charts and it, along with visiting the Library weekly, has definitely motivated her to keep picking up all sorts of books. It is so much fun to hear her telling me what happens in each book or to hear her make guesses at to what she think will happen. She has discovered that she loves to read poetry and we made our way through When Green Becomes Tomatoes and Where The Sidewalk Ends. We would love to hear any poetry recommendations, so if you have any, please let us know! Bug finished her first chapter book the other day, which has brought another steady stream of motivation to read, read, and read some more. And we incorporate a family reading time over the weekends, which has been one of the best things that we have done. 

Bug has also been working hard on her music lessons. She has just completed her second year of piano and it has been amazing to see her confidently play songs that are so beyond my personal capabilities. Her second hand has joined the keys and she has been learning all about bridges : making a simple song sound so much prettier, and learning which notes sound good together and which do not. I really enjoy the sound of piano filling up the house. Bug still loves her lessons and wants to play like Bach one day (her favourite composer at the moment). 

Other Awesome Things : Bug really loves to colour and draw. I swear her love language is colouring together. If you colour with her, she will be your best friend forever. She also really enjoys playing with water and we have spent so many afternoons with our water table. We have already tried out a spray park this year and that was so much fun, and we are hoping to make some swimming pool plans soon. She has also been getting into playing with her doll house and coming up with all sorts of fun adventures for her toys. Bug really enjoys having her friends come over and still loves drinking tea. She is extremely creative and very clever, and she really enjoys puns. She also likes to spend time writing her own stories and has her own special notebook dedicated for just that. Her favourite colour still changes daily and she loves seeing all of the dandelions that are out.

Birdie (20 months) : Our little baby is no longer a baby and has turned into an energetic, miss independent toddler. She loves to do things herself and she will watch us so that she can mimic us later on. She can get very frustrated when we are unable to understand what she is wanting and can switch her moods from extremely happy to very angry in a manner of seconds. She keeps me on my toes for sure. Besides her mood swings and independent ways, Birdie loves to make us laugh. If we react to a face she has made, she will continue making that face into she has us all in stitches. She will even fall down on her bum, reminding me of a clown, to get us to laugh. She also mimics Bug and copies her whenever she can, but especially if it gets us to laugh. We do also have to be careful of what Bug does around Birdie, because sure enough Birdie will try her hardest to do whatever it is her sister did. 

Birdie has a love for the outdoors. Every morning she exclaims that she wants to go "side, side, side" and play with balls or her "bath" - a little pool that we have filled with water. She loves to play with water and doesn't mind getting completely soaked from the pool. She politely asks for more water in her pails and could spend hours pouring and dumping. She has also made it her mission to make sure that all of our pots have been watered immensely. Most of them carry dead plants, but if they start growing because of the love they have been receiving, I will let you know. 

On the way to school one day, Birdie watched a little girl ride her scooter. As soon as we came back home she wanted to go "side" and she climbed onto ours and used it correctly. It was so cute! She is slow on it at the moment, but I have been thinking that I will be needing to get a helmet for her soon. She has also been very interested in Bug's bike. 

Other awesome things : Birdie is an animal lover. She loves hearing the bird chirp and signs it all the time. We haven't taught her many sign language words besides the basics (food, drink, bed, more, all done), but a friend taught us the one for bird and it was too cute we had to start using it. She loves kitties and puppies, but mostly birds. I cannot wait to take her to the zoo. She also has a love for balloons, balls, anything that can be bounced or rolled or thrown. She tries so hard to get the basketball into the hoop.  Birdie has also been getting into music and loves to play the piano too. She likes peppermint tea and pretends to read along side us. Birdie also loves flowers, but it sounds like "butterfly" and its so cute. She loves to jump, she loves to climb, she loves to run! She loves bubbles! She also really likes the word yellow and gets upset when Bug has the yellow plate - so maybe that's her favourite colour. She also has been introduced to the Paw Patrol and this has become another one of her favourite things. And her favourite thing to collect outside are pinecones. 

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