Saturday, June 01, 2019

Bits & Pieces : Playing Catch Up (February, March, April, May)

Winter walks with coffee and my hair slowly freezing, turning white.
A friend colouring party and Bug in a beautiful dress, helping daddy organize his new board game. 
My Auntie came by and showed off her new awesome soap! Also, I love seeing piles of vegetables. It just makes me so happy. So much potential!! 
A mug of hot chocolate and watching the IF Gathering with my Bible Study Ladies. 
Celebrating Valentine's Day with so many hearts. These cookies were delicious!
Crocheting and board games!
The lego table made its way up into the living room and it has been such a hit. I also managed to read The Queen of Tearling series this year. I really enjoyed it. 
Colouring her new cardboard stable and loving this craft. What a fun project. 
Homemade sushi is the absolute best!
Spring time walks. We introduced Birdie to puddles and could not pull her away.
Reading outside and daily walks with this little one while the oldest is in school.
Quiet time reading snuggles and sharing the love of ketchup with Opa. 
Late evening reads with this sweet little kitty. Day time walks with coffee is a must. I have nature loving girls on my hands. I can't keep them indoors. 
Country girl, country walks! 
Finding all sorts of treasures as the snow melts away.
Hi! Reading The Voluntourist was awesome, I also really enjoyed this book.
Wanting to bring her truck on her walk and I found a flower that reminded me of a Pokemon ball. Pansy? I can't remember what it was, but it made me happy.
Easter egg decorating. Birdie's version on the left with cool whip and dye. Bug got to play with vinegar and dye.
She didn't want a nap today. Bug got some cake because she finished one of her reading charts!
Family Reading Time is the BEST!
Homemade bookmarks and homemade sweaters.
Walking back from school and realizing that my oldest is cooler than me. I have had the privilege of being the mom for my brother's cactus and it has been blooming so much for me! I am in love with all of that pink.
Picnic lunches and water play.
Summer dresses and water guns. A perfect Mother's Day.
Finding the perfect chair to sit on is hard!
Laying with the dandelions. A definite happy place for her.
This is the cutest cat ever. We went out for our anniversary and ate some yummy sushi.
A nice anniversary surprise! That ice cream was delicious! 
Crocheting in the car and finally finishing this blanket. Also, Bug finished her first chapter book on the same car trip! What a productive Saturday!
 We have started to officially tear down these rooms and pack up our belongings. We still have quite a while before we actually move, but it is my hope to do a little every day, so that this whole experience doesn't turn into something stressful.
 The blooms are falling all around. We had to take some photos. 

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