Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Bits & Pieces Catch Up (November, December, January)

Hello everyone. Happy 2019. It has been a little while since I have posted and shared our photos on this space and I have found myself missing it a lot. I love being able to talk about the things my family and I are up too and I found that, by blogging it, I tend to stay motivated to actually finish projects or even take more pictures. When I searched back through my November and December photos for this blog post, I found that there were not a lot to choose from. Which is totally fine, it only slightly bothered me ;) I am hoping that this year I can figure out an awesome balance between the two: being offline/ fully taking in the moments and still documenting all of the creative and daily adventures. Wish me luck. To start this year off, I hope you enjoy the this odd collection of photographs I did manage to take from November 2018 to the end of January 2019.
Walking to school on sunny, snowy days! 
So much snow and the girls are reading on the heat register. 
Our Christmas tree made us all super happy this year. The girls loved decorating it. 
Opa brought paper crafts and Birdie loved taking ornaments off of the tree. 
Little things like wreath making and puzzle building help me get into the Christmas Spirit. 
The sun came out and the world smelled like Spring for a moment. 
Twinning it up with matching kitty hats and taking everyone out for a walk.
Making ornaments for our Jesse Tree Advent. We did Ann Voskamp's Unwrapping the Greatest Gift. My oldest absolutely loved reading it daily and I enjoy the way Ann describes everything. We used ornaments that we got for Christmas last year and everyone spent time colouring on them. 
I made a lot of Christmas gifts this year. This is the Northern Fringe by Cozy Up Knits and it was such a fun knit and everyone loved getting them for Christmas too. Birdie also loved having a fake fire on the television. 
My friend came over with a cupcake recipe fit for a Unicorn Princess. These cupcakes were absolutely magical and now my oldest is 5. 
A rainbow light and a birthday candle. These made Bug's birthday week magical. 
Quiet afternoon playdoh and homework time. 
Working on a present from Christmas and absolutely loving it. This will be a pillowcase as soon as I iron it. These kinds of projects make us super happy. 
We also got this awesome storybook for Christmas : Goodnight Anne by Kallie George and we got reintroduced to Magic the Gathering over the holidays too. We are loving it.
Reading together with Bug during our sick day.
Playing with all the new toys from the holidays. "Mommy, will you play dollies with me?" When I found out she meant Barbies my heart leaped and swooned. We ended up playing with her dollies all afternoon.
 Bubble machines are awesome and I cleaned out the girls room. It is looking so much better and way less junky (in my opinion) than it was before.
I ended the month with a cold, however, I managed to win a giveaway from Dye For Ewe and got flowers from a friend! The yarn is beautiful and is putting my in the mood for Valentine's Day and the flowers make me wish Spring was around the corner.  

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