Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Farm Life

Another year of spending a week at the farm come and gone. It went by way too fast! I would have been just as happy staying for another week or two or maybe even a month! haha. I am so thankful for anytime we spend in such a beautiful place. We love the countryside and we love animals - farm sitting is the perfect holiday away for us. 

Both girls were extremely excited by the farm. Bug is old enough now that as soon as she realized how we were spending the week she got excited. Birdie (who was 10 months at the time) became excited after realizing that I wasn't stopping her when she roamed further and further away from me. Ultimate freedom. 

We fed cows, kitties, and dogs. We watched spiders spin webs. We saw sunrises and sunsets. We walked a lot! There were bike rides, pool time, lots of colouring and reading, and watching movies after a busy day outside. It was such a good mix of relaxation and being busy with animals and kids. I was able to unwind and finish (finally) Moby Dick, soak in a lot of sunshine, and see a lot of sunsets - such joy every day! Here are our photos from this years farm adventures! xo 

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