Thursday, August 30, 2018

Camping, Waterfalls, and Sleepless Nights

During our summer holidays we had decided we wanted to go camping for a couple of evenings. Over the years I have grown to love camping, however, this year, I was extremely hesitant to go out into the wilderness since my youngest is known for her horrible sleeping. I received so much encouragement from friends just to try it out so we went out to Lundbreck Falls. The days were awesome - so many memories, yummy food, and relaxing. The evenings were worse than I had expected - screams and crying all night long. Besides all of that though, we had an incredible time and I am very happy that we tried it, even though I was so doggone tired afterwards. The good ALWAYS outweighs the bad - I need to remember that.

I love how much the girls enjoy being in nature. Discovering rocks and sticks, playing in the sand and the river, watching out for bugs and squirrels. Adventures everywhere. Even my youngest had an incredible time when the sun was out. Bug fell in love with roasting things over the fire. She wanted to cook all the hotdogs and marshmallows for us. We read books, we coloured, we explored, and we just sat enjoying and thinking of nothing at all. It was such a lovely time. I hope you enjoy our photos. xo 
Bug loved setting up the tent! 
The beautiful river. 
Bug taking off her shoes before going inside the tent and Birdie is enjoying taking everything out of the diaper bag. haha. 
I love this picture of the three of them! Love my family!! 
On one of the days we went for a walk to see the falls. They were beautiful and it was fun watching the girls stare at the water. It was so hot outside that I had the thought to take off my shoes and dip my toes into the water. After some encouragement the girls also got their shoes off and their toes wet. Next year, if we decided to come back to this location, we will definitely be bringing swimming suits and water shoes so that we can enjoy playing in the river more. It was so shallow and calm, it would have been fun to play a little without hurting our feet so.
We decided we needed to get closer to the water! 
Toe dipping!! It wasn't as cold as we thought it would be. 
Back at the campsite. Card playing and knitting!!
Roasting hotdogs (thanks Bug for feeding us!!) and then evening drawings afterwards. One of Bug's favourite things to do lately is to draw. She is getting so good and its fun watching her imagination come out. 

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