Monday, July 16, 2018

Bits & Pieces

Something was hidden inside this egg and Bug worked so hard to get it out. 

Hello Everyone. We have had a rather busy month this time around. Between traveling South to see my parents, hosting family for Canada Day, and traveling up North twice, I feel like I have been walking around with my head chopped off. It has been so good seeing everyone, and yet I feel like I barely had a chance to really visit with anyone, because, quite frankly, I am so exhausted. Even now, when I am home, I cannot even remember what a "normal" home schedule feels like - been too busy flying around I have forgotten how to settle down. haha With all that being said, it has been a lot of fun. A lot of memories have been made and a lot of adventures have been had. Plus, it is pushing me to question and figure out a lot of things that have been weighing on me as of late. I have been changing the way I normally do things and striving to find a better fit for me and my family. I am learning how to let go of certain things, I am trying hard not to overthink or assume that I know what people are thinking. It kind of sounds silly now that I have written it down, but this month has probably been one of happiest that I have been mentally!! I may touch more on this later, but for now, we are busy and we are happy! Here is a glimpse into last months adventures. xo
Visiting my parents down in the countryside - so needed. Our stay there was NOT long enough. 
We have been spending a lot of time playing with water in the backyard. 
Bug has been practicing how use the breaks on her bike! At first she was so timid, now she is getting the hang of it and riding so fast. 
Finally bought a baby gate for Birdie. She has figured out how to climb stairs, but not how to descend. 
We have been figuring out the best way to utilize the girls room. Definitely think we have got it figured out for the most part. I will be posting more photos of their room soon! 
Summer piano practice and playing new games. I love these slower moments. 
Making salad with grandma and drinking a Canada Day Hot Chocolate. 
Mini Golf on Canada Day for the win! Bug did so good. Birdie fell asleep in the carrier. We were giggling over all the monsters on this golf course. 
I have almost finished the Find Your Fade Shawl!! And Starwars themed baby food is the best!!! Birdie will realize just how cool I am one day! haha
Birdie is growing at a much faster speed than her sister so we had to get her a new carseat. Also, Bug's drawings keep getting cuter and cuter. This one is of her eating rainbow popcorn while wearing dinosaur slippers. <3 
Pretty highway scenery. 
Great giraffe drawings and the fade is finished! I will be talking more of the Find the Fade Shawl after I give it to my MIL. It is so pretty I want to keep it forever. 
Lego builds and park dates!
When a friend invites you out on a picnic and brings cake and makes you giggle and just enjoys spending time with you - you know you've got a good one. Bug and I (and Birdie too) are so blessed by our friends. 
Homemade sushi!!! The husband treats me well. And since I have finished one major knitting project I was able to pull out my winder and wind up Bug's awesome rainbow yarn from Bunny & Toot!! 
Eye candy!!
Started the sock and Birdie REALLY loves to swing!! 
She also really likes sand. Park dates are super fun now that she is old enough to enjoy it. 

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