Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Healthy Banana Pops

Yesterday Bug and I decided that we needed to make a yummy freezer treat for the hot weather days we have been having lately. I came across this recipe over the weekend, while I was meal planning, and thought that it was exactly what we needed. Yummy Banana Pops! They are so fast to make, a kid easy recipe to follow, and they are so healthy (pending on your sprinkles of choice, of course). A real winner!! 

Ingredients Needed : Bananas, favourite yogurt of choice, sprinkles of your choice, and popsicle sticks (or straws if you happened to forget to buy them like me). 

Directions : Cut bananas into desired lengths, add your straw (popsicle stick), coat in yogurt, sprinkle your toppings (check out this blog to see how theirs turned out), and freeze for an hour before devouring. If you want a slightly more unhealthy option, coat the banana in chocolate instead of yogurt and then add your sprinkle of choice! I am also tempted to keep the yogurt but add reeses pieces to it - see if I can get enough to stick. But wait, now I am off topic, I wanted a healthy recipe. ;) 
Thank you for reading!

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