Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Currently : Bug & Birdie

My girls continue to grow up without parental permission. It is a love/hate feeling that I have. I want them to continue to stay little forever, yet how can I wish that when each stage is better than the next. Every moment, every adventure is better with these two goofballs along and I am so lucky, so blessed, that I can fill up on their smiles and goofs and love daily. I love watching their personalities grow and change. I am loving this part of life right now! Here are some things that we have been doing lately.
Bug (4 years) : It is so hard for me to believe that my oldest is going into Kindergarten in the fall (sad and woohoo all at the same time!). She has already seen the classroom and is completely thrilled. Honestly, I am more excited than sad. I cannot wait to hear all the stories that she will bring home and to watch her personality and love for learning to develop and grow. She has always been a very smart girl and I hope that school will be a good challenge for her.

Bug is also nearing the end of her first year in piano. We have been taking a really awesome program that has made learning music theory really fun. With puppets, songs, and colouring pages - the piano homework has become an exciting thing to do each day at home. We asked her if she wanted to play piano next year and she said "of course," so that is something that we will be continuing this fall.

Several weeks ago, Bug switched rooms and moved into the master bedroom. We knew we wanted to move the girls in together while they were little and thought that this was a great time to do so. Our master bedroom had way more space than my husband and I needed so we switched rooms. About two weeks later, Birdie (my youngest) moved in with her. This experience has been nothing but positive. I am sure a room tour and sharing the whole process will be written about soon.

Bug is such a big help to me. She is an amazing big sister and she loves to play with Birdie. She constantly seeks ways to help me or look for a job / chore to do. Sometimes she even tells me to not look at her so that she can attempt to surprise me by doing something like take the recycling downstairs. It is so cute and I am honestly blessed to have her help.

She is also hilarious. I cannot begin to count the many times that she has made me burst out laughing by her quick thinking and hilarious banter. She can have my husband and I chuckling in a moments notice and she can be so clever with our conversations which always turns out hilarious. She is witty and clever and silly and such a goof. I love hearing everything that comes out of her mouth.

Other Awesome Things : Bug loves rainbows. Like a lot. She also enjoys listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack and drinking red rose tea. She loves going for walks and playing piano. She is on her second reading chart of the year - yes! she is reading books!. She got a new bike and she is so excited to try it. She loves to paint and colour and play with chalk. She really likes to play lego with her daddy or play Zelda on the switch. She can make friends so quickly and I love watching her interact with the world. She is our goofball and I am so thankful that we are friends!
Birdie (7 months) : My youngest, who I have nicknamed Birdie, has been absolutely aching to get around and move as fast as her older sister. She has figured out how to pivot and turn about the room extremely well, and now she is working on her army crawl to move forward. Every once in a while she will try to get her whole body moving which makes her look like a little seal pup - makes me laugh every single time. She is a determined little girl and I am sure it won't take too long before she will surprise us all by crawling.

It has also been a few months since we have started feeding her solid foods. So far, from what I can gather by her motivation to eat it - peas are not her favourite, zucchini and squash are delicious! She also prefers oats to rice cereal. Oh, and bananas are weird, but she will still eat them, she just makes a face every single time. It has been such an awesome adventure feeding her. I cannot wait to start introducing more finger foods to her and to continue trying out new tastes.

We moved her into Bug's room about a week ago now and she took to that transition quiet well. She had a couple of bad nights where she woke up constantly through-out the night so we had to really focus our time on sleep training. Now she only wakes up once during the night and my tired body is so thankful. She is also napping so much better during the day in her new shared space - this has definitely helped in making bedtime an easier process.

Other Awesome Things : She is really good at sitting and rolling and catching herself when she falls from sitting position. She loves saying "mama," and "ga" and "la" and "ba." I still haven't heard "da" come from her lips yet, but my husband continually tries to get her to say it. Every once in a while she will wave to someone who says hi or bye and she has copied my hands while signing (sign language) to her. She loves making spit bubbles and jumping in her jolly jumper. She absolutely loves going for walks and sitting outside in our backyard. She also likes music and shows her excitement by clapping her hands! She really likes kitties!! She is my little dragon (or bird) and I love how enthusiastic she is about life and watching the world go by. She is a busy baby and we are loving everything about her.

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