Monday, March 19, 2018

Bits & Pieces

Several weeks ago now, we took the girls to see the Ice Castle here in Edmonton with family and friends. It was such a fun experience, I am so glad we went. Bug still continually chats about the donuts and all the slides that she and her best friend went down. We will definitely be attending next year. 

This past week our youngest, who we affectionately call Birdie (or I do, at least), started teething while we were sleep training her. Needless to say, I barely slept for a while there - so happy that two little teeth came through and she is now much happier. It has been a busy, crazy week yet filled with so many precious, awesome moments that I cannot help but smile at what all happened. During the days, when I was functioning at the same speed as a sloth, we read a lot, I knitted a lot, and I allowed myself not to feel guilty over the fact that laundry seemed to be taking over my house. During the busy times, I am learning to come with to peace with the idea that being a superhero mom simply means snuggling and loving those girls with all that I have. Nothing else. 

Bug (Lovebug), our eldest daughter, has been learning to read these past several weeks. She loves sounding out words and writing words and playing with anything that has to do with words. We have little phonics books that she has been reading out loud - it has been so much fun that we created a reading chart with her and she is addicted to the idea of getting her ice-cream all coloured up. We finished our ladybug puzzle, which if you follow us on Instagram, you would have seen all of the stories that we took during the craziness of that. We also had some lovely, sunny weather so we got to enjoy our backyard again. 

It has been a very good, but crazy, but awesome, but tiring week and I am in love with it all. 

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