Monday, January 22, 2018

Project 365 : Days 83 - 89

83 : 365 - Making paint prints today. We are slightly obsessed with this technique and may need to start sending art out to people (fun mail, anyone?) so that we don't get buried alive in art! Not that I mind being buried alive in art, but eventually we need to eat on our dining room table. Right?
84 : 365 - I asked Bug to watch Birdie for a moment while I quickly ran to the bathroom. I found the two of them snuggled up close while Bug read out loud from a book. Swoon. Bug is seriously the best big sister ever. I am thankful for her every single day. 
85 : 365 - The beautiful day called out to us so we went to the park. It was the first time that Birdie was in my carrier without the infant attachment and at first she hated it, but then she fell asleep. I also decided that today was rainbow day and both girls didn't mind wearing their beautiful rainbow hats knitted from Mimi. 
 86 : 365 - What do you do when there are scraps of yarn everywhere? Why glue them onto your art box, silly! Bug had so much fun with this project. Seriously, cutting and then gluing what you have cut onto something is one of our favourite things to do right now.
87 : 365 - We pulled out the highchair today. I cannot believe we are already in this stage of life! Not for feeding, but for her to join us at the table while we eat. Birdie absolutely loves being included and enjoys watching us while we eat. Although, I think a little too much. She wants to eat food so bad. 
 88 : 365 - Family movie night! We watched the new My Little Pony movie and both girls, yes including Birdie, absolutely loved it. I don't know if it was the colours or the songs, but Birdie was talking and singing away the whole time.
 89 : 365 - Not only did Bug draw a dog based on the little dog picture, she also took this picture! I think she did an amazing job on both accounts.  

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