Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Project 365 : Days 69 - 82

69 : 365 - I am reminding myself to look up more often than not. I keep forgetting how easy it is for me to find joy and love in looking at a sunset. I am aiming for more sunsets photos, more flowers, more of looking around me - to seek out those hidden treasures that can easily be forgotten. 
70 : 365 - This little Birdie is a night owl with me. When Bug is in bed, Birdie and I will cuddle and watch a knitting podcast, a show on Netflixs, read a story together, or just cuddle and chat. I treasure these moments. 
71 : 365 - Today Bug created a beautiful fire pit for Birdie and I. We roasted marshmallows and hotdogs, slept in our tents, and dreamed about all of the Summer camping trips we want to take.
72 : 365 - Bug got some snow markers for Christmas. This is such a fun activity although I joke that red probably was not the best colour to have - it looks like some wounded creature has been in our yard! 
73 : 365 - This is the pile of books that I will be getting through this year. I have started a 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge with a friend. I know that I am missing three in this photo and there are a few that I will be borrowing from the Library or a friend AND there are two on my kobo that I would be reading in addition. I love seeing this kind of pile though and I cannot wait for it to get smaller. I am already on book 2 and you can follow along (if you like) on Goodreads
74 : 365 - Took Bug out for some Tobogganing. This was her first time and she loved it. I am hoping that the snow will last long enough, and that it won't dip down to -35 again, so that we can make this a weekend tradition! 
75 : 365 - Meow! I made some kitty hats for the girls and Bug loves hers! She is probably the easiest person to make something for, she loves it all! I just need to add whiskers to it! 
76 : 365 - Admiring my old wedding dress before I contemplate selling it. This dress still makes me happy every time I see it. I love that a dress can do that!! 
77 : 365 - Catching the little moments. Birdie in her chair, Persuasion buried under laundry, and coffee always!! Today has been busy with chores and "school."
78 : 365 - Yes, I am STILL working on Husband's Oiler's scarf! I have ripped out this project so many times its not even funny. Husband knows this too so he keeps joking about how I should try "this" method. haha. This scarf will be for next season when the Oilers are actually doing well! 
 79 : 365 - Making pom poms for a project and Bug has falling in love!
80 : 365 - Making Valentine's with Grandma! 
81 : 365 - Onto my fourth book for my 52 Reading Challenge! I must say, going from Persuasion to Scrappy Little Nobody was a hard transition! Oh, what a language change!
 82 : 365 - "Look mama, I made a crab with boobies!" Why yes, yes you did! hahaha 

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