Monday, January 01, 2018

Project 365 : Days 55 - 68

55 : 365 - Bug has been loving the card game War. She has gotten so good at playing and in this photo, she is playing with her Grandma. Paw Patrol cards are fantastic for encouraging us to enter into the land of card games AND war is amazing for reminding Bug which number is higher or lower. 
56 : 365 - We got Little back for a birthday sleepover for Bug! We have missed this little girl and we are so thankful that she is back under our roof for a night of fun and birthday celebration! Now I have three girls!! 
57 : 365 - Spent the morning with Little and the afternoon with Grandma. Trying to enjoy all the moments and see Christmas magic everywhere.
58 : 365 - Bug and I have been putting together a Quiet Time Box for her. This concept is all about creating a box, ours is a chest, full of toys and colouring & activity books that she can only play with during her Quiet Time. She has really enjoyed being a part of it. We have also been adjusting Birdie to nap times in her bed. In the past she has been napping near me at all times including the swing, and now we are trying to adjust her to her bed. 
59 : 365 - Bug woke up sick today. Which is so weird because she showed no signs of it before, but is definitely coughing with a sore throat. So while I prepared supper, and while the girls waited so patiently for daddy to come home from work, we put on How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Definitely cheered us all up a lot. 
60 : 365 - This photo technically happened on Christmas Eve, however, I got the idea behind it on the 23rd - so I thought it was still appropriate to post for today. We spent the day with two of our friends, hanging out, delivering cookies, playing games, and watching Once Upon A Time! The recipe is eggs in a hole, but Christmas style and the family really enjoyed when I came down the stairs with this easy lunch.
61 : 365 -  This has probably been my favourite New Years Eve ever! Bug is so much more aware of what is going on. Up until now she has been so excited by everything to do with Christmas, it has been so lovely to hear her talk about it all. Christmas Eve was spent watching Christmas movies, working on puzzles, knitting (me), drinking coffee, playing some board games, and most definitely keeping an eye on Santa Claus as he flies around. Then the husband left to go pick up some sushi! How was your Christmas Eve? 
62 : 365 - Merry Christmas!!! Spent the morning with the family - quality time and opening presents,. Then we went off to celebrate Christmas with some family. Missing other family members who I won't be seeing today, but I am remembering just how thankful I am for everyone and everything. Happy Birthday, Jesus!  
 63 : 365 - We decided to be smart and take advantage of Boxing Day by going to the Science Centre. This has been something that I wanted to do, and we decided to go here as part of Bug's birthday presents. She enjoyed herself immensely and I will be posting more photos on her in the next couple of days. And it wasn't insanely busy! 
 64 : 365 - Today Bug built a spaceship because one of her friends needed to go back to its alien home. So she spent the morning making her ship and grabbed her binoculars so that she could see where she was flying. I am LOVING her imagination!! 
 65 : 365 - Bug has really been into playing board games, I am absolutely loving it! It is so much fun to play with her. The game we are playing in the photo is Candyland, one of my childhood favourites. Also, what is Pikachu doing? Silly guy. I definitely enjoy setting up her toys in the middle of the night. She loves it, but I think I get more out of it than she does.
 66 : 365 - Teaching Bug how to play minecraft! Birdie enjoys playing in her chair beside, and when I am not showing Bug how to work the controls, I am knitting. Having Bug play Minecraft makes me so happy. 
 67 : 365 - We spent the morning playing with some of our favourite Christmas toys!! Bug received a little Leap Frog that she calls her computer. Birdie loves her new kitty and her bear!
68 : 365 - Celebrating New Years over at our traditional Fondu Party with some family. This is always such a relaxing evening full of food, movies, good conversations. I entered into 2018 watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and knitting - this makes me so happy. Belly and heart full, I want to wish you a Happy New Year! 

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