Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Hello 2018

I have always enjoyed the start of a new year. The possibilities seem endless, it's a chance to "start over", and oh, what adventures await us! I am a visual person, and as much as this might make you laugh, I imagine the start of the new year like a field full of unmarked snow. I am in the corner. The thrill of stepping, leaping, and making snow angels all over this field is too much for me to handle. The field is practically begging for footprints. I wait, and at just the right moment, whenever that is, I take my first leap and I trample the flakes into oblivion. This is how I view the new year. As a place where I can go and take leaps, leave footprints, and set new goals. I want to reach far and wide, dream big, and pick away at anything that tells me that I cannot be extraordinary.

Hello 2018.

This is the time where many people start thinking about different resolutions that they want to partake in or figure out what word they want to focus on year long. I am not a New Year's resolutions person, I honestly don't believe that growth should only happen when the new year comes around, but rather continually, no matter the month. However, with that being said, I am a list person. I love making lists and setting out goals big and small. I enjoy figuring out what I will be doing and what I want to accomplish. And with that field of unmarked snow staring out at me, my lists could be miles long, and that is thrilling to me.

I feel like the ideas and goals that continually float around in my head fit more in a flow chart format than in just with a single focus. That there are words that cloud over my goals and ideas, mothering over them like ducks to ducklings. Then under those words are subcategories, and other that are my goals, and then under that are even smaller goals to make the bigger goals happen. (I warned you, I am visual)

One of my mothering goals is to be intentional. I want to be deliberate in all things. I don't want to waste my life, only to have regrets be my friend. I want everything that I do to be done with a purpose. I want to spend quality time with my family, I want to spend my time wisely, and I want to peruse goals that fulfill me and help shape me. I want my time to matter and so I will spend my time wisely.

And then as I was discussing it with a friend, she mentioned a couple of goals that she wanted to take, one in which I really now want to adopt as one of my own. To be more disciplined. Discipline can seem like a scary word, and what I mean is this : I want to train myself to deliberately accomplish the goals that I partake in. Whether that falls on the categories of working out, spending time with God, or being more intentional in my craft projects, I want to follow through on the goals that I have created for myself and to actually accomplish them. I don't just want to dream them up, make a list, and leave the list on the counter. I want to grow, and with that, I need discipline.

But then if there is discipline I also need to remember to be more flexible. It's like a big blanket of forgiveness, of reminding myself to not take myself too seriously. If the goal I set is too big, its a reminder to break it down, or adjust, or ask myself if its something worth pursuing. I have "fallen down" too many times without getting back up, that I have learned how much I like this word. I am learning to forgive myself more regularly and to try, try, try again. I want to be adjustable and flexible. I want to stretch and bend and move. I want to forget about beating myself up, or holding onto something too strict, but rather let it go and begin again - whatever that may look like. I can't take myself too seriously.

Then, I absolutely cannot forget about family. This encompasses the adventures I want to take with them, the future dreams, and the time I want to spend with my husband and my two daughters. I want to be a good mom, I want this time, when my children are small, to mean something. I want the future to mean something. Really, I want all the yime that I have, no matter when, to mean something. I want to make good choices. I want to be silly. I want to teach them values and to raise them on the foundation similar to how I was raised. I want to do the best that I can. I want to build them up. I want to inspire them to dream. I want to focus on our family and accomplish many things.

There are so many goals, my list goes on and on and on, but I promise I won't take up your time with more words. I am just inspired. 2018 is a new beginning. A chance to try and start again. As L.M. Montgomery once penned, "isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"

Since I am inspired and I know that so many of you will be too, since it's the New Year and all, I encourage you. As you look into this expansive New Year, what do you want 2018 to look for you? What dreams do you want to live and what mountains do you want to conquer? What goals do you want to (finally!) cross off your list, whether that list be written or mentally created? I encourage you to take hold and to start taking those baby steps in making them a reality. No matter the dream, no matter how big the goal, start walking. You only have now, so grab the NOW and fight. Be intentional and get rid of bad habits. Be gentle with yourself also. Give yourself the freedom to fall AND the courage to get back up again. Always get back up. And definitely don't take yourself too seriously. Fight for the life you always wanted, for the dream you always imagined, and for the ideas and hopes that have flickered in the back of your mind. Do the impossible by breaking it down into possible steps. Look at your own 'unmarked field' - reach out and take those steps, hug yourself, and them aim to live your best life ever.

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