Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Project 365 : Days 47 - 54

47 : 365 - Working on piano lessons. I love that her piano program also has craft and colouring projects. It makes it so much fun. Also, three year olds are very capable of folding laundry. She saw the basket and begged for me to let her fold it. So she did - I am not going to say no. 
 48 : 365 - Getting my home set up for Christmas as well as organizing my home. Husband and I are going through and purging, getting rid of anything that we don't use, don't need, and no longer want. It has been an incredible week of decluttering. Also, I am loving all of my Kay Pop art in my hallway. I need more!!! - says the person trying to declutter. haha. I think I am 50% a hoarder and 50% a minimalist. 
 49 : 365 - Practicing a lot of piano this week because on Saturday it is Bug's first piano Christmas concert. Pikachu and fly wanted to watch her practice. And since I am writing this in the future (Tuesday), I just want to add that her piano concert went awesome. She was the only one in her program who sang the song as well as played the piano - the others just played the piano!
50 : 365 - I am beginning to get a little worried that all of my Christmas knit ideas were a little too ambitious. Where has the time gone and why did I also decide to purge this week? This is going to be a little kitty hat for Bug and then I am hopping to make one for Birdie as well. 
 51 : 365 - Bug has been enjoying seeing how the bottom of our Christmas tree has been filling up with presents. Most of them are for other people, and she knows it, she helped me wrap them, but she still loves seeing them all piled togethe. This Christmas season has been so special. 
52 : 365 - The girls and I went over to a friend's house and spent the entire day baking cookies. 9 cookies was also too ambitious and we only ended up making 8. I definitely think four is an amazing goal and I swear I will never attempt to make more than that in a day. But man, did her house smell good! 
53 : 365 - This Sunday mornings was a slow morning filled with board games. I am hoping that we can continue this tradition for a long time. I really enjoy these slower mornings. Bug got this new Hungry Caterpillar game for her birthday and she is loving it. 

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