Monday, December 11, 2017

Project 365 : Days 40 - 46

40 : 365 - I couldn't wait anymore to unload the Christmas decorations, so today we pulled them out one by one. I had an amazing helper who was way more excited than I was, and her excitement rubbed off on me. We blasted the Christmas music, danced as we cleaned and put the decorations out, and figured out all of the things that we wanted to do this month. 
41 : 365 - One of Bug's favourite things to do is to dress Birdie. Bug picked out this little outfit for her with much enthusiasm. She drew on this onesie while Birdie was growing in my stomach, and it is so cool to now see her wearing it. 
 42 : 365 - We set up the tree! We set up the tree!! Decorating the tree is the best. And we already have our little traditions that makes so cool. Hubs does the lights, Bug and I decorate, and this year, Birdie watched all of it.  
 43 : 365 - A beautiful sunset greeted us after a lovely day. The sky has been so beautiful lately and I have been trying to get into the habit of showing it to Bug. These kinds of things I love and if Bug develops a love for it as well, oh that would be so lovely. She already sees the joy in all of the colours displayed and I want us to keep on looking for it. To never tire of something so simple, so stunning, so unique. 
 44 : 365 - We made cookies, a request from Bug. The recipe was definitely not my favourite, but because I have a great kid who doesn't mind and just rolls with it all, we had a blast. All of our cookies ended up broken, but they still tasted good. And you can still decorate a broken cookie. So as much as I was frustrated, Bug had a blast. And it made me remember to let certain things go and to see it as my kid does. (If you guys have a great sugar cookie recipe we would love for you to share it.) 
 45 : 365 - When my almost-four-year-old requests a rainbow on the inside, rainbow on the outside birthday cake - I do my best to deliver. I will post more about this soon, but this is me making rainbow cupcakes to turn into cake balls to place into her birthday cake! It was a tasty, colourful mess and even though I was covered with colour by the end, it was really fun. 
 46 : 365 - This is our Christmas Family Photo of 2017. We took a serious one and a more casual one. Which one is your favourite? Mine - the one where I am holding the coffee, because I need all the coffee! :) 

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