Monday, December 04, 2017

Project 365 : Days 29 - 35

29 : 365 - A sad day here. Bug got a fever and Birdie had her immunizations. The shots themselves were not too bad, then Birdie fell asleep and her legs stiffened up. That was hard. Lots of tears and crying, but thank goodness for swings and soft Totoro's to cheer the baby up. 
30 : 365 - She may be sick, but that doesn't stop her from smiling and making me laugh. We just found my old penny whistle and she was having a blast blowing on it and posing for pictures with it. Also, note her pants. She has been growing so much lately, the majority of her pants are too short. Time to go shopping!! 
31 : 365 - When friends come over with plans to make cookies, it always ends up as a fun time. Bug got to help her roll her batter in sugar and my house smelled amazing. Christmas time is here! 
32 : 365 - Our first Christmas puzzle of the season! I love that she still enjoys doing puzzles. She loved it when she was younger and then we took a really long break from puzzles. Now she is back into it and I cannot wait to pull out our family puzzle for this winter season. 
33 : 365 - First day using our Jesse Tree!! Love that advent has begun. Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp is absolutely gorgeous. I love looking at the pictures. Bug gets to have a colouring page every single day and she really likes putting the ornament on the tree. Husband and I have been taking turns reading out loud. I love how this is carving out intentional family time. 
34 : 365 - This is what my table looks like when I attempt to put Christmas up and purge everything else all at the same time. I am still sick, but that won't stop me from trying to be productive. Its kind of fun when the whole house is a mess. Kind of. 
35 : 365 - Plant TLC this morning while all three of my loves sleep. I was awoken early by Birdie, but she fell back to sleep after an hour of play and I was left alone. The plants are very happy now.


  1. Hi, Emily!
    I love your blog and all your pictures. For some reason they all look very cozy to me!

    1. Thank you so much, Ana! I really appreciate it. I am a lover of the cozy, so the fact that it comes out in my photographs makes me the happiest. Thank you.