Monday, November 13, 2017

Project 365 : Days 8 - 14

8 : 365 - Cardboard boxes get more love than any piece of paper in this house. There is so much joy to be found when she can sit in it and create. We keep this box beside our fireplace, along side her sticker box and her crayon bag, just in case the need to make it prettier strikes. Also, she likes to eat her snacks in the box! :) 
9 : 365 - This yarn will take a while for me to ball up! haha, at least it is beautiful to look at! 
Going through our toys. I really like rotating toys, puzzles, and games in our living room. Especially if they are seasonal items. There is nothing better than remembering all the toys that we have or all of the Christmas puzzles yet to be build. It is so exciting to have a new batch of items living underneath our coffee table. 
10 : 365 - Some days are much slower. Birdie has been waking up every couple of hours and we are both exhausted. These slow days are filled with lots of tea, snuggles, peaceful songs, and swing time. 
11 : 365 - If Bug is ever having a grumpy moment, I ask her if she wants to go play or snuggle her sister.  Instantly her mood changes. She loves her sister so much. It was all about the floor snuggles until she came up with the idea of giving her sister a ride. She gently pulled the blanket around the house. 
12 : 365 - It is so weird to think that the last time she painted with this watercolour book was when Birdie was a week old. This was how we survived the first week, with easy art projects like this. Something that would entertain Bug but which didn't require a lot of adult help. She really loves painting. Her apples ended up being all different colours. 
 13 : 365 - Bug has been enjoying reading stories before bed lately (we go through phases) and one of the big ones that we have been reading is The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. She has been enjoying it. With tea in hand and Birdie on the floor, Hubs read a chapter, and we all imagined what it would be like to run in a crowded train station.
 14 : 365 - Playing trains with daddy before he goes away for a week. They were having a blast crashing the trains on the floor and using cars to help save them. Daddy-daughter dates are so important and they don't have to always be extravagant. Sometimes the best dates are at home.

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