Monday, November 27, 2017

Project 365 : Days 22 - 28

22 : 365 - Bath time fun. Today I was productive and got a lot of household chores as well as bathed both my girls before my parents went home. Bath time with Bug is one of my favourite times. Her imagination goes wild and I love listening to all of her stories. These current toys are her favourites to play with and she is really big into lining them side by side. Today we listened to Christmas music while playing.
23 : 365 - Last night of having Bug sleep in my bed. It has been an incredible 7 days of snuggles, cuddles, whisper pals, Christmas movies under twinkle lights, and 8pm snacks! This was her first time watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas. At the halfway mark she rested her head on the pillow and grabbed her teddybear of choice. Needless to say she didn't make it to the end of the movie. And she absolutely refuses to admit that she fell asleep during it. 
Day 24 : 365 - Bug was absolutely giggling when I told her that she could throw around the coloured ice balls that we made. I wish I had thought to record her giggles. This activity was so fun to create for Bug and it was a perfect afternoon killer as we waited for the arrival of daddy. I definitely need to do this again soon. 
Day 25 : 365 - Daddy is home and we cannot be happier. Guitar requests were made and the dance moves came out. Both girls love their daddy's voice and have their favourite songs. I love that music can fill up this space and make our hearts so happy. We are so happy that Hubs is home!
 Day 26 : 365 - There is something so satisfactory in having paint all over my fingers. Like a job well done. I went over to a friend's house and we did a Christmas DIY which I will definitely be showing you all soon. I am loving the green, feeling festive, and had my first sleepover with Birdie away from the house. Kind of like a mini vacation! It was so needed!
Day 27 : 365 - Getting ready for a Christmas photoshoot. I always get so nervous and so excited when taking photos for friends. I absolutely love doing it and I love getting creative and thinking of different angles or things to focus on or ways to set up, but I know that I am not a professional and so I always get nervous that I am going to mess up their photo. On the other hand, I am always so thankful that my friends believe in me and continually ask me, I can only improve. (Joy to the World sign)
Day 28 : 365 - This is what Sunday morning looked like to us this week. Bug has been in the colouring mood ever since Opa came to visit and Birdie is enjoying her tummy time. Tummy time is always better when she can look at her sister. I love capturing moments like these

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