Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Project 365 : Days 15 - 21

15 : 365 - Making a gingerbread house with Grandma today!! The best part of the whole process was that Bug was completely unaware that she could eat it. haha. We waited until the end before we told her and the look on her face was complete joy as she liked the icing (what she thought was glue) off of her finger! 
16 : 365 - Homemade chicken noodle soup made with love from Grandma! We have been enjoying having Grandma cook for us this week and we are feeling extremely spoiled. It has been so nice having an extra hand, a friend to talk to, and someone who doesn't mind holding Birdie as she cries. Thanks so much, Grandma! 
Baby legs!!! Birdie has been getting more active each day. She has been kicking lots, moving lots, and her neck is getting stronger. She has been such a joy, I completely forgot how much I love this baby stage! 
17 : 365 - First time making meatballs and she loved it. Although I think she enjoyed eating them more than making them. Seriously, Bug ate so many!! Porcupine meatballs for the win! I think I want to continue making meals that Bug can really help me with it. She loves to help me in the kitchen. So far is her favourite thing to make has been biscuits. 
18 : 365 - Today felt like such a crappy day. I spent hours on the phone trying to fix a problem (totally my fault) and the afternoon quickly turned into evening. I turned on Paw Patrol for Bug so that she wouldn't end up bored and I spent the afternoon praying that Birdie would sleep for the majority of time so that I could focus on the problem at hand. The mom guilt was bad and I ended up in tears. The evening turned out to be awesome, however, and we watched the Good Dinosaur, ate popcorn, and I had Bug come sleep with me under the twinkle lights. The moral of the story, there can be a length of time during the day that TOTALLY sucks, but you can ALWAYS turn it around and make it better! 
19 : 365 - Sometimes a basket of laundry is a perfectly acceptable place to nap. She likes to find the weirdest places to pretend to nap. It makes me laugh every time.
We are getting ready for a Pirate themed music lesson tomorrow. We didn't have an actual costume so we had to DIY everything. Bug wanted to help me and she did a fantastic job colouring her parrot and treasure map. And I found out  that she had the best costume there! Parent win!! haha
 20 : 365 - Mornings that are slower - the ones that are filled with tummy time, playing on blankets, staying cozy, and using our imaginations to build incredible worlds - these are becoming my favourite. We slow down and we dream big. It is hard for me to put away that never ending to-do list, and I am so thankful I have people in my life who remind me to do so. I am trying to remember what is most important during this busy season of life. Also, look at Birdie's bald spot! We were doing so well and then she developed a habit of rubbing her head on her bed! GAH! 
 21 : 365 - One of my favourite things about my oldest is her love to play "finger guys." When I was little I played a form of this game, however, Bug found such a love for it, improved it, made a world for them, and it has become our daily game. What I love even more is how much my mother enjoys playing it with Bug. And how she encourages it. My mom (Mimi as she is affectionally called in our house) knitted some hats for the finger guys so that they would stay warm for the winter! <3  

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