Monday, November 06, 2017

Project 365 : Days 1 - 7

Project 365 is the challenge of taking a photo every single day for an entire year. I attempted this challenge at the beginning of the year, however, due to early pregnancy symptoms, I became extremely tired and the "want" of doing anything creative was lost. Since some time has past and I am getting a little more used to balancing two kids (haha), I am craving this project once more and want to attempt to bring it back to life here. 

Goals : 

- it is my hope to pull out my big camera more often. 

- I hope that this project can be more of an intentional, meaningful memory project rather than a random photo dump. I want to be able to look back on this Project 365 and see all the adventures that we experienced, both tiny and large. 

- I want to try and explain more of what's going on in each photo. Give more information, tell the stories, and ultimately have more reminders of what we are up to when this project comes to a close. Already time is going by so fast and I want any opportunity to bottle these days up. To remember them forever and ever and ever. 

So here we go: 

1 : 365 - Some days we just need to eat our lunch in a box. While colouring. I am trying to let go of the "we have to do things a specific way and eat our lunch at the table always" mentality that I have and try to embrace the fun inner child that is inside of me! haha. She had a blast eating in this box, and guess what, it didn't kill me. And she loved it, so I loved it. 
2 : 365 - First time trick-or-treating and Bug had an absolute blast. She became giddier and giddier the more houses that we went to, which was contagious and Hubby and I ended up getting the giggles.  She loved dressing up (she was Rey from Starwars), seeing all of the Halloween decorations, and enjoyed her chocolate treats afterwards. 
 3 : 365 - Bug helped me out with a really big project - taking photos of her room. She was really proud and happy to show me all of her favourite things, this bear being one of them. I am so happy that she has a space that she loves and feels comfortable in. We will be posting a room tour very soon!
4 : 365 - When toys need to be washed and the child is begging to play in water, it makes the most sense to put those two things together. She "cleaned" her kitchen dishes for a couple hours and then wanted them all to come into her bath later on in the evening. Both Bug and toys are sufficiently clean now! 
 5 : 365 - I got some beautiful yarn in the mail from Plank & Stella yesterday and I am just in love. I cannot stop staring at them!! This is going to become a Find Your Fade Shawl as well as several pair of socks. Bug and I cannot pick a favourite skein - we love them all.
Bug is also in love with the snow. She has been aching to get out and make footprints. She spent half an hour uncovering all of the items buried under the snow and making sure that she walked everywhere. Birdie and I stayed inside where we were bundled warm and cozy. 
6 : 365 - Birdie and I had the morning to ourselves. Lots of playtime, tummy time, snuggles, and knitting! We like our Saturday morning Mommy-Daughter dates. And when daddy and Bug got home, they all climbed onto the couch and cuddled while daddy read many, many stories. 
 7 : 365 - Sunday mornings are for lego building. The snow made us excited for the holidays so we pulled out our Christmas legos. I cannot wait to get this set up on our mantel and create a new Christmas family picture! We won't decorate for a couple of weeks yet, but this little bit of Christmas in our house is making me very happy. 

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